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Dream #535 by Posted 5/1/2015

grey. She leads me into a ballroom in a huge building. Everyone is clapping as I enter and I walk straight to a tall, dark haired stranger. He's wearing an all black tux and a simple solid black mask. The only color I see is his vibrant blue eyes. He leans down and says "finally my princess arrives" then I wake up.

Dream #534 by nikhildreamer Posted 4/28/2015

he road below terrified looking at this huge airliner flying above me. This particular dream is quite repetitive, sometimes i am inside the plane when its flying the way i have described it above. Most of the times i am on the ground like an open field or a city. i would really appreciate it if someone could give me a brief explanation as to what this repetitive dream is supposed to mean.

Dream #529 by my_psychosis Posted 9/8/2014

happy to see him and I pick him up and hug him tight. I am so full of love for everybody I can hardly contain it. I turn to Martin and say "Look Martin It's Cody when he was only six years old. Isn't this place wonderful? Now I am outside walking toward the house I was just in. The house and yard are very old. The paint on the house is faded and peeling, the shutters are falling of. The grass is brown and dead and there are tall brown dead weeds everywhere. I think how sad it looks on the outside. Nobody would know the how wonderful and full of love it is on the inside. I go around back of the house where the train will pick me up to take me to my new wonderful place, because I have learned all I can from this one. The backyard looks just as sad as the front yard and for I minute I panic, thinking I must

Dream #504 by keenan Posted 7/14/2012

how me my walk in closet. It was just a huge room and the floor was missing in part of it. There was a bookcase and yoga mats in one corner. She told me that they would build a wall and my closet would be a certain size. Then she and my step dad fought over where the wall went. I was in my room unpacking even though I didn’t have any stuff. Amanda came in and was like I made some dry grapes, they are in the kitchen. The grapes were normal just ‘dry’ because they were unwashed. I took a few grapes and then some csi people came in and told us that a boy who lives here is a murderer and they believe he is hiding in the house. Everyone was looking for him and I knew where he was hiding; only I couldn’t find the place where it is in the house. Then the scene changed and I was in the dinning hall with Claire

Dream #492 by dreamwiz Posted 2/19/2012

way on a stretcher. I was amazed by the huge crowd of people, in the thousands, at this man's funeral and thought he must be a highly important person. Another thing that drew my attention was the fact that it was nontraditional;they were burying him very late at sunset, and the sky was amber red. I Don't want to die As I stood watching the scene, thinking a

Dream #473 by Captain Dan Posted 7/16/2011

my friends. I noticed that the moon was huge, and then it started to hover down a bit. The moon then grew wings, and it started to fly around. The night sky then opened up a giant planet which filled the entire sky. The planet looked similar to Jupiter, and I was so awe stricken by the site that I told my self not to forget what I had just saw. I woke up, and

Dream #461 by jane Posted 1/4/2011

, he shook her hand and then gave her a hug, much to my embarrassment. i walked away laughing and came back and told him that that wasn't really what you do when you first meet people. i don't know, pointless? perhaps but this is at least the third dream i've had about her.

Dream #460 by Jasey Posted 1/2/2011

outside the restaurant and he gave me a hug and told me it was nice to have someone to talk to who really knew her & I could hear my thoughts this time and I had said something like, "he really is a great kid." I got in my car and drove to the cemetery where she was buried and the me that was watching all this kinda realized that I wasn't over it, but I has accepted it, I wasn't sure how though because it hadn't been very long. Then I sat by her grave and said "hi, ____." I called her some weird foreign name that meant something like friend, but I'm not sure what the word actually was. Anyway, I sat and waited for a second and then she was sitting in front of me and she smiled and said "hi." Then it went black. 

Dream #459 by wildrice Posted 12/29/2010

w the twins, they were skeletons w/ big huge, creepy grins and I stabbed one in the pelvic region w/ a butcher knife, and it was my husband's x-wife! I can't stop dreaming this dream, and I ALWAYS understnd my dreams, but cannot figure out why this one won't go away!

Dream #442 by esperoba Posted 8/3/2010

to realize they looked a lot more like huge, bulging ticks. At this point, I knew the beetle was bad, because it was an insect and it was disgusting, and i knew that it needed to be destroyed. I seized the nearest object, which i can no longer remember, and attempted to end the beetle's life. However, this beetle was not keen on the idea of dying, so it took flight in the form of a mosquito hawk (aka mosquito eater, cranefly). And I don't mean the normal kind of mosquito hawk. Sometimes you happen upon a cranefly in your house and decide that it needs to be killed. However, when you get closer to it, you realize that this thing is even more disgusting than you imagined: it's big. It's tan. And worst

Dream #436 by SmartyGeek Posted 6/27/2010

without a window. Every five minutes a huge wind comes through the house which throws people out of the house. My sister has like some sort of party and like all o lg the guests get thrown out of the window. The rest of my dream is a little hazy, but I do remember that I tide a floating sword later in the dream. How I got the sword I have absolutely no idea.

Dream #424 by ZephyrZucchini Posted 5/2/2010

as sitting in a boat in the middle of a huge bright blue lake. It was full of colourful fish. I needed to catch one so I sang to them and so many jumped into my boat it started to sink and when

Dream #421 by JJ Posted 4/16/2010

mping over cars. Finally I make it to a huge building, like a capital building, and then the dream skips to me running up 100's of flights of stairs. Then when I get to the top floor a person dressed in black with a gun and he points it at me and fires. Just when the bullet exits the chamber the ground shakes again. Godzilla has crushed the building and the man in black misses but the building crashes to the ground crushing

Dream #414 by Sora Posted 3/21/2010

ams I've ever had. In it, all I did was hug my friend/crush. The weird thing was that when we hugged there were like... not fireworks, but little lines and squiggles of energy. It was as if all the hyper little cells in my

Dream #409 by Suzieqtk Posted 2/21/2010

x knocked on the door, and there were 2 huge guys that answered the door and they started fighting him. he had no choice but to back down. as he started coming back to me, we looked down the hall and both saw tons of dead bodies covered with blood. He grabbed my hand and him and I stared running with whoever was with us in the room. we kept seeing dead bodies everywhere but he kept holding my hand and pulling me along while running out the door. We were so scared, and kept running. we ended up in the parking lot which had high link fences all around us and more dead bodies. However, his girlfriend was suddently there calling him, but he stayed with me

Dream #407 by lizzieborden Posted 2/18/2010

just in a dream" I stop on top of this huge concrete hotel in the ocean and pour a glass of red wine in a glass for a couple sitting on a rooftop. Then I woke up.

Dream #403 by 4everluvtaitai Posted 2/2/2010

ng puppy I had ever seen. Tai Tai was a huge part of our live throughout the years. He traveled many places w/ the both of us & he also competed in Natinal Dog Pulling Contests throughout the state. He was once the strongest dog in the State for pulling 2,503 lbs. Until one day Mark traveled to Las Vegas w/Mark & when it came time to pull Tai refused to pull & just sat there. Mark then said Tai Tai just retired LOl!!! We recently took Tai Tai to Portverville where my family lives to live w/my little sister & boyfriend. He would have a big house to live in & a huge backyard to run & place w/her other two dogs. He had a large doggy door that he learned to use. Mark & I decided to send Tai Tai up North because we didnt have a yard or a big home where he could roam & be comfy. He needed a big yard & in Porterville he had this. He lived there

Dream #402 by bradlby Posted 1/20/2010

afford everything I offered to pay. A huge line had formed behind us at the register, so everyone was thrilled to see the situation resolved. I became the hero of the check out line. The guy behind me jabbed me in the ribs with his elbow and said "Bet that will pay off for you later tonight huh?" The owner of the store asked if I had a membership card, and I said I think I left mine at home. He gave me a new one and with an extremely stern look on his face and told me to never forget it again. He also gave me some kind of gift card for the whole experience that looked like a right angle corner, instead of a full card. We returned to the girl's house, which looked like a traditional souther

Dream #400 by Rapunzel Posted 1/4/2010

e looking for gifts i sent him. and she hugs me and is so happy to see me. i would really like these to stop, as they are actually affecting my everyday life. i wake up feeling awful. when before these dreams i was actually getting on okay. please help.x

Dream #398 by angel Posted 12/28/2009

ery big fear of death. To describe this huge fear I'll say that when I think of my eventual death I sometimes completely freak out and hyperventilate a little. Nothing else can make me do that. Anyways, the dream was a double dream. I have bad memory when it comes to dreams I can't ever remember details and sometimes I'm not sure if I

Dream #393 by michiyohara Posted 11/28/2009

a look. I could see two tornadoes, yes huge ones, heading towards the building that I was inside. They were not like those twin tornadoes, they were like aligned behind one another, both spinning at its own speed, their tails weren't linked together, both individual, huge and deadly. I got scared as I realised that where they were heading, and I actually called my friends to be at the ground floor and lie down at a safe area, well, at least I hope it was, and that place was just beside an open door, where I could see most of the things started flying off because of the Tornato approaching closer. We all curled up together, I think... 4 of us, and we were hugging each other from behind, my eyes were closed, and I was constantly praying to God that the tornadoes will not hit us, it will spin away. In between the prayers I remembered my notebook, some important stuffs and was like, "oh man... should I run back upstairs and get them because I really

Dream #392 by unspokenwords Posted 11/27/2009

ng it. he spreas his hand indicating to hug both of us. but then i just see he is hugging me very gently i want to hold him so tight that i cant describe. but i am reluctant. it was so true i dont feel it like a dream.

Dream #388 by michiyohara Posted 11/17/2009

d both of them has something to do with hugs. The one that makes me wonder is that I dreamt of my ex, and I was hugging him. I cannot remember whether he hugged back or not, but I do remember that in the dream I only wanted to give him a good firm hug, and I did.

Dream #382 by smoral Posted 10/7/2009

so i walk away and see my husband and hug my husband and tell him i love him when i wake up it feels so real i feel hurt cuz i don t want to hurt my hubby i hate dreaming about my ex i feel so guilty ...i am married and my ex is married he has a kid i moved on why am i still dreaming about him.

Dream #380 by jonimartin2004 Posted 10/5/2009

d of the dream, him and I shared a long hug. Then I pulled in my sister and my mom into the hug. What's up with that!

Dream #372 by thejessiek Posted 8/18/2009

an go inside that stretch from small to huge, except it was black not rainbow. But during the fighting it was really strange and it was like part magic and part just weird things i can't quite remember. Then i woke up, i don't know who won or anything. So yeah, that was my dream.. what does it mean?

Dream #367 by rockyrambo Posted 7/26/2009

r a thumping sound and we turn to see a huge bull running up to us.. We start to run for the back door of the house.. But while running i turn around to see that the bull, is in turn being chased by lion.. When we finally reach the backdoor we find the door broken free from the hinges which attach it to the frame of the door.. So we just try to fix the door back on the hinges and quietly hold the door form the back so that the bull and loin passes us without seeing us.. But the bull falls prey to the lion just right there near our back door and at that time i see through the window that there area a

Dream #364 by lecroqmonsieur Posted 7/7/2009

open kitchen. on top of the oven was a huge fish pie with two fried eggs on top simmering away in a wok. this apparently was the reason of our mission...to steal the pie. so we swiped it and began our tricky decent back down the obstacles we had climbed up. i got left behind with tim with the wok whilst everyone else scarpered as the owner of the pie realised he'd been burgled and gave chase. it became apparent as the owner grew close that he was bulit like a brick shithouse. he eventu

Dream #363 by CaramelDream Posted 6/16/2009

family. when he came to pick her up we huged and he smiled at me.

Dream #360 by Princess Of Latrele Posted 6/6/2009

I approached the barn door, there was a huge chicken standing outside the barn guarding eggs. The chicken looked to be as tall as me with fur on it's face. I thought maybe that chicken is not as bad as I thought it was. But, I decided not

Dream #354 by Martek47 Posted 5/9/2009

they were real. To my left she came and hugged me crying my into my chest i felt warm like i had known her for years. The only thing i could do is joke that she would stain my white t-shirt with her make-up then i felt like i was leaving backwards and realised i actually was going bacwards looking in on my dream. When i woke i could feel the inprint of her where her body should have been...and i cant shake feeling of where she should be.

Dream #348 by bradlby Posted 3/24/2009

waist and lower torso were covered with huge black and red bruises. I reasoned that I somehow fell back asleep and tumbled sideways out of the shower earlier. I got dressed and ready to go, and on my way out I noticed a single piece of candy left in a fitted plastic package. The candy was shaped like a turquoise fish, and when I removed it from the packaging course red sugar pieces (scales?) scattered everywhere.

Dream #346 by KatieChan Posted 3/21/2009

ack. All the sudden I see these pair of huge red eyes!!! While that was happing creepy music was playing in the background!!! After that I finally woke up sceaming!!!

Dream #345 by Kennedyanne Posted 3/12/2009

hen the sun would pop out, and this big huge steamroller would come and crush me. Any thoughts of what this might mean?

Dream #343 by sleepystarz Posted 2/21/2009

face him and he was like just give me a hug and at first I was hesitant then I gave in and when I woke up I felt this pressure gone kinda like I had forgiven him maybe.

Dream #327 by Kennedyanne Posted 1/1/2009

hen the sun would pop out, and this big huge steamroller would come and crush me. Any thoughts of what this might mean?

Dream #325 by leahsaurus Posted 10/18/2008

e of a dude who (in real life) I have a huge crush on, and (in my dream) he was going on and on about how much of a stupid whore I am, totally cutting me down. Then he poured beer on me, and I left. I then found my fathers body floating down the river. I tried to save him, but he's really heavy so I called 911. Then I woke up. That's all I remember.

Dream #295 by voiceofeternity Posted 6/10/2008

when i ran up to him smiling happy and hugging him, he looked at me puzzled, as if he did not know me. I cried again screaming "te amo" (spanish for i love you) "te amo, luis!" and well he hugged me sypethet and said "yo tambien te amo" (I love you too). Though it made me feel better, i was confused as why he said that. But thats when i woke up crying from a dream for the first time.

Dream #291 by shellbelle Posted 6/3/2008

n't expect to see you, i stink." and he hugged me. it was such an amazing hug. like, i've rarely had such a tactile experience in a dream before, but i could really feel details of his body. like, i could feel his bones ever so slightly through his flesh and t-shirt, and i could feel him breathing and everything. i know he tried to pull away once, and i wouldn't let him. i just lingered there, and it was the most amazing hug ever.

that's all i remember.

Dream #277 by RawrImaLion Posted 3/11/2008

I was on a bus, I'm pretty sure it was a school bus. I don't know where we were going, although I did know at the time. There was a girl sitting behin

Dream #275 by RawrImaLion Posted 3/10/2008

kissed him on the cheek and gave him a hug and held him close waiting for the wave to hit. I had accepted that I was going to get hit and probably die. I recall thinking whether it might be a dream or not but decided it was too real. I then decided to run out of the car and up to the house which turned out to be home to other people. Apparently my dad sold the house. I quickly knocked then realized there was no time to wait fo

Dream #262 by Ryan Posted 2/7/2008

se concrete style bleachers. somehow, a huge wall of pete's gear was to our immediate left and he was also using some of my gear which i also had a large wall of. at one point he's jamming down on a stage bathed in purple light and he comes running up to where we were to get all crazy on his gear. he unplugs his guitar to plug into a stack of identical beige reverb units. but the one he plugs into doesn't work. so he rips it out of the rack and comes sits next to me. he looks up at me like a mad scientist with The Fucking Crazy in his eyes while he proceeds to set the reverb unit on his lap. Scot

Dream #260 by Amateras11 Posted 2/3/2008

, too. Crying, I run to my dad and mum, hugging them and dad says in a gentle tone “she was worried”. Then I tell them that some people took everything, minus his laptops, but he just says it doesn’t matter.

Dream #256 by astrojamie Posted 1/21/2008

ch. My 7 and 9 year old were in bed (A huge bedroom) My 16 year old daughter was not in this dream. There was a hard knock on the door. My daughter got up, and I remember telling her "Dont Open It" she said Im not, Mom. She looked out the peek hole, and I was standing behind her. All of a sudden I turned around, and felt the apartment start to shake, I looked up, and saw raw beams protruding from the ceil

Dream #255 by Myusicman Posted 1/14/2008

me that they signed up for some kind of huge city-planned event occuring within a huge building shaped somewhat like a rocket-ship except without any engine or launching device. I did not choose to participate but was the

Dream #246 by Kelsey L Posted 11/14/2007

. In my first dream i was shopping in a huge store but i was looking for just one thing the movie 'Last Days' the only problem was some murderer was killing people in the store. I wandered away from my family to find this movie but every time i did a figure like the grim reaper would lead me back to them. T

Dream #241 by pink parrot Posted 10/30/2007

tiful island where there was this great huge tree and on this tree were some of the most beautiful parrots , pink with gold crests and legs and in the dream someone was telling me to look at them and i saw many of them on different branches and was careful not to crash into that tree and then i sort of descended onto the ocean below onto an

Dream #239 by michelle16 Posted 10/27/2007

mys and I'm on the red carpet wearing a huge engagment ring but I have no idea how it got there. The only thing I'm sure of is that it's from my boyfriend that is living with me. Then it jumps to me and my boyfriend( or fiancé) driving to my house in Boston to see my family and see their reaction about the engagement. They obviously know about it since we're both famous and it's plastered all over the magazines and television and everything. Then everyone keeps asking me ho

Dream #233 by Amile Posted 10/14/2007

you do to him?" and "why is he here?" I hug her, trying to calm her down, she runs toward the end of the bridge and disappears. Her shoes are all that remain, they are next to a large sign memorializing a ship wreck which is visible because it sticks out the water. I walk over the bridge to a island in the lake and on to a wharf that has many levels, the stranger is on the bridge, so I go to speak him. but when I arrive at the bridge he collapses, I catch him in my arms, but he his too heavy and I fall. the lake starts to swell, and Luna appears again. Even though it is not raining the lake is flooding. He starts to disappear, first his feet disappear, I ask Luna if she can see me, she nods her head no. i whisper into the stranger's ear, "please believe me, i can save you", the flooding is up to my chest (I am sitting on the bridge). His legs are now invisible. I whisper "Please don't leave me here". The w

Dream #226 by Heather25 Posted 10/10/2007

They are so real I can almost feel him hugging me and when I wake up I can smell his cologne. Is this just my brain's way of dealing with his death? I never got to say goodbye could this be a way of him saying goodbye to me? I don't know what to belive. Please let me know.

Dream #221 by Sweetpea6497 Posted 10/9/2007

sy area, and off to one side there is a huge drop off like a cliff, with a river and rocks below. The little boy that is with us kicks a ball over near the edge of the cliff, and my son goes to retrieve it..munching on crackers, like its no big deal. He kicks the ball back to the little boy and I look over...his back is to the

Dream #219 by Sweetpea6497 Posted 10/9/2007

unning around like crazy and I see this huge tornado ripping everything apart. My parents stop the car for some reason and I jump out of the backseat. Theyre yelling at me to get back in, but I keep running, trying to find my son even though I have no clue where he is. In each dream, I never find him before I wake up. Has ANYONE ever had a dream like this?? Or any dream with tornados in them like that at all?? Please reply

Dream #204 by Serishen Posted 8/7/2007

de, my head and torso curled within the huge chair’s seat and my legs out along the ottoman. This lucid dream was odd because I felt as if I were falling back into a deep sleep only to come out of it immediately. I saw sunlight filtering through the windows again, only this time I was immediately aware of the ‘something’. I ‘heard’ it scuttle across the floor and then I felt a weight and almost imperceptible prick of claws scale the ottoman, climb the small of my back, and quickly skirt over my shoulder. I was shocked still, though I couldn’t ‘see’ anything. My arms were folded before my chest as they often are when I sleep (right over the left) and the ‘something’ was suddenly under the coverlet growling. I ‘felt’ hot fans of breath on my forearms just before it bit me. Here is where it gets stranger. I ‘hurt’, only not physically, more of a mental alarm going off that kept repeating ‘pain, pain, pain’. I felt like I was paralyzed for hours, but it came and went fairly fast, I think. When I finally ‘awoke’ and was able to move, my left hand immediately went to my right forearm. I have to admit I expected to find blood, bruising, or something. But there was nothing at all. The funny end to this dream is that as soon as I stood up, I felt a wave of nausea wash over me. I was sick the entire day with some sudden stomach virus, and somewhere in the back of my mind I kept thinking the little ‘something’ that bit me had poisoned me. I felt very silly. When I told my mother of this dream she chided me (of course), and being somewhat superstitious she blamed it on witches and that lot. I definitely don’t believe that, but I will say the last was much more frightening than the first. Its as if my mind realized I was lower to the ground and somehow delved up that evil ‘something’ that tried to pull me from my bed nearly a year ago.

Dream #194 by Matt Posted 5/30/2007

eam is...: I dreamed i was living in a huge mansion and it was messy with food,clothes and things ..I was lying on the marble floor and slid myself into an opening underneath t a huge stairwell. At the top of the stairwell were people just floating face down from the celing and were asleep. These people I appently knew but didnt know their names. One the people was my

Dream #193 by chezza Posted 5/13/2007

sorry chezza i love you too.so then we hug & im crying of happiness we just stay there sitting on the steps leaning on each other holding hands & for some wierd reason there was blood on our hands. then he walks me to the parking lot & i get picked up. then after all of that he would call me everyday. everytime we would see each other we would hug, but the hugs were like those hugs of like "i dont ever want to let go of you i want you with me forever. " sometimes when his girlfriend wasn't at school or around us we would walk around holding hands. & we would hang out alot go places. i would either be at his house or he would be at my house most of the time. THE END

Dream #191 by LeslieSue Posted 5/2/2007

s: My fiancée (Jessy) was sitting on a huge stair case that had a red carpet on it. He was wearing all white (almost angel like) and he still had the cuts and bruises on his face (as I remember him looking in the casket at the open casket viewing). And I walk up the stairs and I sit one step below him. I look up at him and he is looking down at me. He then asks me “What is death?”, I put my hand on his knee and give him a

Dream #176 by glorious john Posted 3/16/2007

she would do it first and then it was a huge brawl. I got on top of her and just started punching her until there was no tomorrow. Then after a while I let her up and took her hair in my hand and slammed her head into the building, picked her up and then slammed it into the cement. Before i left i kicked her a few times in the side and i was gunna do it in her face but one of my friends pulled me away from her and then i woke up. So i dont understand why this happened, why didnt i just do that when she was fighting me.

Dream #172 by social speculation Posted 3/1/2007

pletely destroyed him. I came into this huge luxurious apartment building and went to the top floor, what appeared to be my house in the dream, airplanes and helicopters were looking for me, I turned down and saw I was wearing some sort of Superman costume, not exactly the one but something like it, I flew straight up and broke the ceiling. I found myself in a very small square space with a window and flew out. Then I was being chased by all these people and machines. I didn't feel like comfronting them so I flew off as fast as I could, the more strength and concentration I put into it, the faster I flew, it got to the point where the world below me was just flashes of light and color. I arrived to this hotel somewhere in front of the beach. The view as of another island, very

Dream #158 by Captain Posted 1/1/2007

otards and looking at themselves in the huge mirror on the wall and it becomes apparent i've been recruited to be a "girl" in prince's performance! then i wake up.

Dream #157 by aries Posted 12/24/2006

and in hand, he turns off the light, we hug and then we get in the car and go back to the bar as if nothing really happened. Once back at the bar, we sit next to each other and just act like giddy high schoolers that just feel in love. No one suspects anything and no one really says anything to us either, the last thing that is asked is what are we going to do if I find out that I am going to have a baby. Then I wake up...

Dream #145 by maggie Posted 10/27/2006

dream (when i was little) that i was in huge house with my entire family--immediate and extended. the house was on a large plot of land with lots of grass and was surrounded on all four sides by a solid wall of very g

Dream #143 by cloggeedthedrain Posted 10/23/2006

oy, the dream is about having to move a huge pile of sand (one grain at a time) from one room to another room down a long hallway.

Dream #112 by sriks8 Posted 4/2/2006

the basement of the building, we hear a huge explosion and the bomb correctly explodes at 10.45 as predicted by me. I am quite surprised about myself.

Dream #111 by sktbrdingfreak Posted 3/23/2006

uddenly paddling or swimming out to the huge waves but when I turn to look back inland at the shore there is a huge brick wall. This is usaly the time I awaken, totaly shaken. I have had this dream on and off for about 10-15 years now. Now here is where the dream or story becomes interesting. In the past couple weeks my dream has started to change. Now the dream starts the same, standing on the beach staring at seriously huge gigantic waves, only now a friend or two is with me. Next we all are pa

Dream #91 by Gaby Posted 1/27/2006

e in about a week. After I heard this I hugged my aunt and sobbed for what seemed like hours. But my family seemed to not think anything of it. But the days went by and after each day, I would hug her and cry more because I knew the day would come soon. I have an awesome relationship with my aunt, we are great friends, and we talk about alot of things, my aun

Dream #82 by Toreshi Posted 1/17/2006

shoulders, shook her a little, and then hugged her close and burst into tears. The images faded and new ones appeared. There was a huge cage in the middle of the room. The man and a woman were crying, holding the little girl and lowering her into the cage. In the background I could hear the chanting from before. The images faded once again and I could hear the little girl’s lullaby. I rushed down to my movie crew to tell them that I had figured out the rest of the story. The ghosts had told me. According to my explanation of the ghosts’ actions, the little girl had been copying her father at the gas pump, but for whatever reason had decided to drink the gas. Rather than killing her, it had cause her permanent brain damage. The parents didn’t know what had happened, and the clergymen told them that she was possessed. All together they had her locked up in a cage in the attic where she couldn’t inflict her possession on anyone else. They left her only her little doll. And now she forever sang her lullaby, the only mentality that had pierced her mind, to lull her doll to sleep.

Dream #80 by Toreshi Posted 1/17/2006

The next thing I remember I was in this huge creepy mansion on a cold, stormy night. I was looking out the front window and I could see a jewelery store across the road that was being robbed. I ran across in the rain and peered in the window to see that the theif was TJ. TJ was one of my friends in highschool who I met through my ex-boyfriend. We don't speak anymore because he lives away. In the dream he was much hunkier and sexier then I remember him in real life. Anyway, as he was running around the store stealing things, I tried to crack the lock on the door. I remember thinking, "This is a stupid thing to do, this is what get's people killed in horror movies. He is totally going to kill me." and as I was doing this, people kept walking by saying things like, "No one's worked there for years, deary." They didn't seem to notice TJ. Eventually TJ came bursting through the front door and finally noticed me. I grabbed him by the arm and pulled him across the road to the backyard of the mansion and told him he could hide with me. He looked at me very sexy and asked, "Do you want to...?" and I said "YES" and tackled him and we started making out right there in the rain. I remember thinking to myself "Yeah! This'll REALLY get back at Frank" (my ex-bo

Dream #73 by Gaby Posted 1/3/2006

me strange whenever I would attempt to hug him.

Dream #66 by The_Hairy_Lemon Posted 12/12/2005

oothly, to ascend I could only go up in huge leaps so it was hard to get the altitude I was looking for. For some reason even though I knew I was dreaming I got scared when I flew too high so I had to descent back down to the ground again. I had a hard time getting back to the ground smoothly, I couldnt dive straight down because I picked up way too much speed so instead I flew around in circles and descended slowly. After a while I started to fade back into the dream and forget about it but I still remembered that I was able to fly so everytime I started flying again I remembered I was dr

Dream #59 by Johnnygun749 Posted 11/10/2005

Hello all, this is my first dream post here, so here it goes. I usually have lucid dreams but I was almst really there. It was in some sort of jungle

Dream #58 by ~Dani~ Posted 11/3/2005

g or foot "falls asleep". Then, we were hugging and crying. We were apologizing and saying "I love you," and "I want to be friends again,". It seemed so real and I think it might happen in real life. It happens to me a lot. I'll dream of something and then within a certain amount of time, whether days, weeks, or months, it happens. What do you people think? Do you feel the same? Does this happen to you, too?

Dream #53 by byekitty Posted 10/25/2005

t when we slipped into this room with a huge body of water, with metal bridges and stairs on the walls. We see someone coming, he is wearing a blue uniform and he has dark hair and dark eyes. And we dive into the water going down as deep as we can go and find this submarine. So we go back up and our mascara is running down our faces and then we go and retrieve this submarine, which looks oddly like the one that The Beatles sang about... It doesn't go under the water while we have it. We use it like a boat and go through these enomous grey metal gates, out into this storm with mediocre waves and the sky is grey and its raining. All of a sudden its not me and those girls. It's me and my mother and father, my brother and my grandparents from my mother's side. And we're not sailing in the submari

Dream #50 by TheFrequentFlyer Posted 10/17/2005

d glass and fused into 1 person and was huge... and i had to find a way to kill it and i finally figured out a way, which i had to make a certain circle (used in alchemy) made of blood, on like... a piece of wood or something then color over it with chalk *shrugs*... it masked the circle and then when i would push the piece of wood or whatever against the thing's wet body, the chalk washed off and it killed the monster

Dream #35 by Amber Posted 10/5/2005

ing it. It starts off with me in this huge room, very high ceiling, big empty floor, two glass staricases going up, and girls in glass dresses floating up. I am stuck there in the center of the room, I don't even attempt to move. I fall asleep

Dream #20 by Tei Hakuto Posted 9/18/2005

p of the books, finally hiding behind a huge stack and catching my breath. I looked down and noticed I wasn't sitting properly, so I had to gingerly move one of the shelves closer. But then one of its legs fell out and the shelf fell with a loud bang! I really saw myself groaning in frustration. I had no choice but to jump down and realized the bottom wasn't that far. Covered in the mist, I made my way towards one of the rocky walls, and found a wooden door. Opening it, I realized it was a series of other doors and passageways so I went on and opened various ones at random until I found myself in a room full of medieval costumes. I donned one that made me look like a footman, and when I bumped into a wall it suddenly opened and I was sliding down! Before long I popped out and landed inside a horse carriage that was actually riding out of the whole place. I was saved! Though there was an old man who was sleeping, and an actual fat English bar maid as company, but they didn't seem flustered that I suddenly landed in front of them. I actually exchanged pleasantries with them as the carriage slowly rolled its way into open country and safety. ^_^

Dream #19 by Allison Eloise Posted 9/17/2005

moved to a different land. There was a huge expansion of space, outside, the sun was bright and different groups of people were involved in different activities. I wandered from one group to a

Dream #17 by Posted 9/16/2005

and o embaressed, but he gives me a big hug and tells me not to worry about it. (jump) all of a suddentheres this field filed with everyone ive ever meet. at this point im wondering where my current real life boyfriend Phil is and his family. everyone is there except them. i run into my biggest mentor and who i consider one of my best friends Paul. but i cant see him. i can only hear him, he tells me i dont have to see him to know hes there. and i say okay. i dont see mike but i know im with him. i wake up wondering what happened to Phil and why i keep thinking of mike. ive only meet him a couple times and ive know phil for years and i have a promise ring from him and everything. help me out guys. im soo confused

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