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Week of May 11-17, 2015

Mix of the Week #66 (Exclusive)
Lucid Dream, mixed by Juan Nunez

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"saludos carnal buen mix" - ltucker

Sebastian Orjuela

"AMAZING " - Sebastian Orjuela


"....aaaahhhhh" - Cosmica


"it's all so good I have to keep myself from flooding with comments... in love!" - Cosmica


"so much flavor" - Cosmica

Week of May 04-10, 2015

Mix of the Week #65 (Exclusive)
Donna, mixed by Siba K

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"Great mix! This sounds so familiar, can you disclose the what it is?" - JRN

Siba K

"@vvaves-1: welcome" - Siba K

Siba K

"@just-jam: :)" - Siba K

Siba K

"@tripleflow01: xxx" - Siba K

Siba K

"@abertman: libera senza complessi" - Siba K

Week of April 27-May 03, 2015

Mix of the Week #64 (Exclusive)
Phoney Yogi Fantasy, mixed by Max Essa

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Frau Lindholm

"mhmm" - Frau Lindholm

Richard Tapeztry

"does anyone know what version this is?" - Richard Tapeztry

Andrei Grigorev

"so lovely, what is that track?" - Andrei Grigorev


"dig this vibe" - Lambda


"ripping" - nedadddaa

Week of April 20-26, 2015

Mix of the Week #63 (Exclusive)
Made in Italy, mixed by Beppe Loda

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"ID? Amazing" - Æver

Matthew Bolt 2

"niiiiice" - Matthew Bolt 2


"great mix !" - Speelycaptor


"so so soo good" - egga


"killer mix!!!" - mikeBurns

Week of April 13-19, 2015

Mix of the Week #62 (Exclusive)
Baked Arcade Funk, mixed by Sorcerer

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Felix Bayart

"@sorcerermusic: Thanks dude ;)" - Felix Bayart


"@felix-bayart: "Mirage" by MAIA http://dreamchimney.com/tracks/33747" - sorcerermusic

Felix Bayart

"wow ! Track id for this one ??" - Felix Bayart

Andreas Bertman

"@sorcerermusic: wow, thanks!" - Andreas Bertman


"@sorcerermusic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQoDnO_Ew3U" - sorcerermusic

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