Welcome back for 2015! Each week we will be featuring a mix from a Dream Chimney member or like-minded guest. Please take the time to listen/enjoy.
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Week of March 23-29, 2015

Mix of the Week #58 (Exclusive)
For the Heads and the Heart, mixed by JAZ

Most recent comments

Cool Hand J

"So far, this has been some of the best 40 minutes of my life!" - Cool Hand J

Kitchen DJ

"incredible jam, thank you" - Kitchen DJ


"@j-a-z-1: thanks! :D" - Ludilomashina


"@universalcave: Thank you for introducing me to it, Ryan!" - J.A.Z.

Universal Cave

"TUNE" - Universal Cave

Week of March 16-22, 2015

Mix of the Week #57 (Exclusive)
Zwakala, mixed by Chee Shimizu

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"Wonderfull mix!!!" - Be-quiet


"@lectric-sands: Kapingbdi / Montserrado" - OrganicChee

nomad uno

"Deep stuff. Respect." - nomad uno

Lectric Sands

"killer! possible to get an id?" - Lectric Sands


"love this track" - nedadddaa

Week of March 09-15, 2015

Mix of the Week #56 (Exclusive)
Alchemix (Hearts In Rhythm), mixed by Albion

Most recent comments

The Electric Disco

"Killer opener!!" - The Electric Disco

wacky wobler

"playlist by any chance ?" - wacky wobler


"aahhhh !!!! <33" - baba_sib


"wow, what´s this crazy thing in spanish? great!" - pablocorbalan

Week of March 02-08, 2015

Mix of the Week #55 (Exclusive)
Secret Chimney Mix, mixed by Secret Circuit

Most recent comments

Ferdinand Trenkel

"@acid_disco_party: Please, anybody can identify this tune?!" - Ferdinand Trenkel


"Nice" - acid.disco.party


"maka ma harta go booma" - TOWNSHIP

Andreas Bertman

"What's the name of this supernice track?) :))" - Andreas Bertman


"boomshanka!" - tokyomatt

Week of February 16-22, 2015

Mix of the Week #54 (Exclusive)
A Touch Of Light, mixed by Ambulansen

Most recent comments

Olga Stratienko

"@ambulansen: wauw, thank you!!" - Olga Stratienko


"@syltecho: Edouard Scotto - Soleil Levant" - ambulansen


"@syltecho: Bebe Manga - Lokognolo" - ambulansen


"@syltecho: Tany Welk - A Ya Pe" - ambulansen


"pretty cool !! what is it ?!!" - SylTecho

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