Welcome back for 2015! Each week we will be featuring a mix from a Dream Chimney member or like-minded guest. Please take the time to listen/enjoy.

Week of January 19-25, 2015

Exclusive Mix of the Week #51
Hommage à Rien, mixed by Dompteur Mooner

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"yeh." - jondrums?

the Beat Broker

"love this! thanks for the mix Mooner" - the Beat Broker

Week of January 19-25, 2015

Exclusive Mix of the Week #50
the Slowness 5, mixed by the Beat Broker

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Mr (X)

"@the-beat-broker: Merci. Diggin your mixes!" - Mr (X)

the Beat Broker

"@mr_x_1: SILVER CITY "Loading" on @catunerecords" - the Beat Broker

Mr (X)

"feeling this one, ID anyone?" - Mr (X)


"this has been wonderful for my workday... im in my own little zone over here!!!! lovin the mix! cheers" - phillycheese


"@the-beat-broker: Many thanks ! :)" - rchrdrch

Week of January 12-18, 2015

Exclusive Mix of the Week #49
MondoPop, mixed by Zeroy Chimney

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"11:00 - great japanese sounds - @Zeroy could you give me a name of this artist/band?" - pefu


"great mixx here - nice styles" - sorcerermusic


"@zeroy: Timeless good songs.. Thanks" - elfari


"space art always smells good" - Hatchback


"@bugui-bugui: El Perro del Mar on vocals. From the first Fontän album. 2006" - Zeroy


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