Welcome back for 2015! Each week we will be featuring a mix from a Dream Chimney member or like-minded guest. Please take the time to listen/enjoy.
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Week of April 20-26, 2015

Mix of the Week #63 (Exclusive)
Made in Italy, mixed by Beppe Loda

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"very good" - Kjartan


"Ciao Beppe!" - tokyomatt

Rotciv Larpak

"great!" - Rotciv Larpak

Week of April 13-19, 2015

Mix of the Week #62 (Exclusive)
Baked Arcade Funk, mixed by Sorcerer

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"@jupiterandjuno: it's young marco remix of mock and toof "snowball" - thanks for listening!" - sorcerermusic

dorian ché

"Really nice track here, beauty mix Sorcerer ;o)" - dorian ché


"@sorcerermusic: Yes, knew I'd heard it before. Thanks." - ʞɔıɹʇɐd

Jupiter & Juno

"can anyone id this beauty?" - Jupiter & Juno


"@party_patrick: it is Jex Opolis - great stuff! - http://dreamchimney.com/tracks/32185" - sorcerermusic

Week of April 06-12, 2015

Mix of the Week #61 (Exclusive)
La Femme Niçoise, mixed by Henri Aleksi

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Henri Aleksi

"@antony-kein: Thank you, Antony!" - Henri Aleksi

Antony kein

"Brilliant mix - totally into it !!!!!!" - Antony kein

Antony kein

"So good, Ace Henri my friend !!!" - Antony kein


"Great vibes!!" - jacklj

Henri Aleksi

"@talness9: That one's 'Caramel' by René Roussel." - Henri Aleksi

Week of March 30-April 05, 2015

Mix of the Week #60 (Exclusive)
Dream 16, mixed by Diepvries

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"@diepvries: much obliged sir" - TheDoubleHelix


"@double-helix-sound: 'Rain' by Mandre :)" - DIEPVRIES


"@double-helix-sound: Bryan Ferry - 'Nocturne'" - DIEPVRIES


"THAT arpeggio" - TheDoubleHelix


"man and this one? This mix is blowing my tiny mind" - TheDoubleHelix

Week of March 30-April 05, 2015

Mix of the Week #59 (Exclusive)
The Electric Move, mixed by mikeBurns

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"@dj-johnny-o: thx glad you like it!" - mikeBurns


"@the-beatdown: yes its a totaly off the radar south african lp just called unity. some other realy amazing tunes on it too..." - mikeBurns

Dj Johnny O aka  THE WOLF

"Tip Top Mix !" - Dj Johnny O aka THE WOLF

The Beatdown

"Google turns up zero results on Unity – Babakuwe. How is that possible? Discogs has nothing. This was a great track. Too bad it’s obviously impossible to find." - The Beatdown

Julian Horn

"now THATS an intro!!" - Julian Horn

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