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Week of April 21-27, 2014

Another Drink, mixed by Mellophonia

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"what a bouncy jam. love this" - BiologiaBoogie

dwell music

"Who pilfered whos bass line...?" - dwell music

Yousef Sabbagh

"nice" - Yousef Sabbagh

elena youthquaker

"OMG heard this one long ago and got stuck on my head , but couldnt find it... thanks a lot!!!" - elena youthquaker


"lovelly latinjazz dub" - SANDIAFRESH

Week of April 14-20, 2014

Ocean Corp, mixed by Diepvries

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"@longboss: maybe some day =)" - diepvries


"Diep rules ! bring back the store buddy!" - longboss


"ah so this is the original for the track edited by baldelli on the last Let's Get Lost batch, awesome!" - trepanado


"wow this track is amazing ,love all your selections D.C saludos from Buenos Aires." - SANDIAFRESH


"lovelly Robert Palmer side b track,actually he have a lot of this Afro prog songs in some of his 80s albums" - SANDIAFRESH

Week of April 07-13, 2014

A Mix for Dream Chimney, mixed by Paul Jenks

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David Buer

"great!" - David Buer

ron e. laybacks

"@belle-katze: AGREED!!! YOU GET AN ID FOR THIS JAMMALAM???" - ron e. laybacks


"can't stop listening to this mix. cracking stuff. ID on this one would be good." - senna


"So ACE! Disclosure? Please." - JBS_Blake


"Cheers to DC for hosting!" - cutloose-manchester

Week of March 31-April 06, 2014

Night Cream, mixed by Hotthobo

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Eddie Pendergrass

"smooth" - Eddie Pendergrass

Eddie Pendergrass

"so good" - Eddie Pendergrass

Tony Fourhunnid

"what a mix!" - Tony Fourhunnid

Tony Fourhunnid

"love this tune!" - Tony Fourhunnid

elena youthquaker

"the guy that invented this part is kinda God" - elena youthquaker

Week of March 24-30, 2014

Back To Paradise, mixed by Les Level

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"so good. what 's this?" - MarkDyment

Mr. Smif

"so good! tracklist plz" - Mr. Smif

David Buer

"what a groove." - David Buer


"nice sound! what is this sneaky little beat?" - BiologiaBoogie

Kocmoc Collective

"Larry Heard!" - Kocmoc Collective

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