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(Today: 05/27/2015 @ 4:40 AM)
Tarnoski Chimney [533]
"Love in the Desert" by Mark Isham
Point Break
In the soundtrack to a movie

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One Year Ago Today

Sorcerer Chimney: "Rebecca's Theme (Water)" by A.r.t. Wilson

Zeroy Chimney: "Panco Juju System" by Prince Nico Mbarga & Rocafil Jazz

Two Years Ago Today

Mosquito Chimney: "Estelle" by A Man Called Adam

Diagilev Chimney: "Ausflug" by Kraan

Radiocast Chimney: "Nono/Yoyo" by Standish/Carlyon

Three Years Ago Today

Mosquito Chimney: "Out of this World Mix" by Flemming Dalum

Zeroy Chimney: "Phiss-Phizz" by Edwin Birdsong

Mother Chimney: "the era of slaves" by edgar froese

Buzz Chimney: "Amnesia" by Mr. Fingers

Diagilev Chimney: "Slow Blues" by Thin Lizzy

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