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(Today: 03/05/2015 @ 9:52 PM)
Diagilev Chimney [1486]
"Instant Pussy" by Matching Mole

Whole LP is a nightmare, steal it!
Matching Mole (1972)
Under heavy sedation
Clunkified Chimney [2812]
"You've Heard It Before" by The Durutti Column
Another Setting
Under heavy sedation
Balearic (40)
Ryan Chimney [2056]
"Ricochet" by Tangerine Dream
Found this at a new record store i ran into in Half Moon Bay called Living Room Records. Felt like i needed although probably have most already.

Full color booklet is scanned on discogs too
Tangerine Dream '70 - '80
Under heavy sedation
Sorcerer Chimney [2766]
"I'm Gonna Miss Ya" by Aaron Broomfield
As Liberace would say "And now for my next number, I'd like to return to the classics ..."

I'm Gonna Miss Ya
On headphones
Zeroy Chimney [2049]
"Slow Down Low" by Moon Duo
New stuff, etc
Shadow of the Sun
Played on vinyl
Mosquito Chimney [1064]
"Super Bien Total" by Sade
Another track off of The Remix Deluxe. Amazing morning music.
The Remix Deluxe
Cruising in car

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