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(Today: 03/04/2015 @ 10:27 PM)
Tarnoski Chimney [513]
"Bhupala I (ALE003)" by Jone Takamaki Trio
Step into this 1982 Finnish jazz-scape. Another in the line of brilliant excursions along the path less travelled. Well worth seeing live.
Universal Mind
Spun at nightclub
Sorcerer Chimney [2765]
"Forest Nativity" by Francis Bebey
this album is too good.
Psychedelic Sanza
On headphones
Flexxy Chimney [13]
"This Woman's Work" by Kate Bush
This track totally wrecks me, just blows my mind. Can't think of any other tune that's so emotional without being cheesy.
One of my all time faves. <3
The Sensual World
On headphones

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