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(Today: 12/20/2014 @ 3:40 PM)
Ryan Chimney [2017]
While Pumping Iron
Baked Grooves (11)
Realized while adding the top cassettes of 2014 i had not purchased HYPERION. just bought a download in time for the winter break. so good.


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Tarnoski Chimney [490]
The Golden Fang
Jonny Greenwood
Inherent Vice
In the soundtrack to a movie
California Noir (1)
Sign along freeway reads, something about real estate. At times it can sound a little like other composers; no objections when it pays off so well. So different from the more slouched Long Goodbye. Not meant to follow the Takemitsu but the the Phillip Glass/Errol Morris post. Feeling the beautiful Beach Boys warmth at the end of the film, like Boogie Nights, which you can hear in Amethyst. And then Shasta, too. Deepest Pacific connections.


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