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(Today: 12/19/2014 @ 7:39 AM)
Merlin Chimney [658]
Wed Bells
Played on vinyl
Groovy Space Pop (1)
For the "Consequenced" album D-Pulse started an experimental collaboration with the visual artists collective Tundra. "The VOID" .


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Ryan Chimney [2016]
Pause-Buttoned Edge-Blunters
Under heavy sedation
Raw Funk (7)
New mega crunchy casssette only comp from Ruf Kutz is really rad. Streaming a promo this week and all cuts are great on this. Unreleased from Eleventeen Eston, Zoovox, Ruf Dug, Bell Towers to name a few.

First track on Side A from Witch Doctor is streaming here


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