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  Dream Number: #523
Dream Type: Lucid
Date Posted: 3/4/2014

debo from remembers this:

I was inside of a sinking ship that was filling with water. I had to fight my way through water that was pouring in. I tried to get to a door to get onto the deck outside. I knew I would have to hold my breath to swim to the surface. I felt a strong feeling of sinking down. When I got out of the door to the deck I took a deep breath and prepared to swim to the surface. It seemed too far me to make it and the boat was dropping fast to the bottom. I knew that it was hopeless and I would not make it to the surface. Not knowing what to do I let out all of my air and everything went black. That's when I woke up!

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Bridget

So weird... I just recently found and joined this site, and I posted a kind of... 'death dream' as well. I wonder if it just signifies some sort of failed feeling, or helplessness. But I always feel like dreams aren't meant to be interpreted exactly how they seem, or with any expectations of logic, so I would argue that there must be some other meaning to these types of dreams... Did you ever feel like you were suffocating at all or was it just the sinking feeling you felt?

(Added: 3/7/2014)


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