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  Dream Number: #515
Dream Type: Answer to Dream of Dying
Date Posted: 3/20/2013

Selene from Temperate rainforest Northern California remembers this:

I meet a "middle-aged British woman in tweeds" who I know is my spiritual mentor. In a bathroom, I viciously stab her in the heart over and over, and the feeling of piercing and of being absolute in this way feels very important and wonderful and meant to be. Later she reappears, so I know I didn't really kill her. She walks me to the ocean and first shows me how to walk on the water. The she instructs me to let myself be lifted to the peak of a wave, which whirls me around the world in a matter of seconds. Then she silently tells me to let myself fall under the wave and be drowned while remaining conscious, so that I know it is possible to remain conscious during death and that death does not end anything.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Aeon

What a lovely meeting with a spirit guide! Stabbing her while feeling wonderful seems like it could symbolize your efforts to let go of your past, to "die" to the old ways that don't serve you any more, to free yourself to be a new person. Her assurance to you of no-death and the continuation of consciousness seems like a comfort, and a powerful message about the nature of reality. Keep your senses receptive for messages during the day.

(Added: 3/26/2013)


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