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  Dream Number: #443
Dream Type: Scary
Date Posted: 8/11/2010

Aria from remembers this:

I'm a big animal lover, but from what I can remember about the dream I continually was forced to kill this wolf like creature over and over again. There were hundreds of them that I would kill one at a time. I never felt a sense of fear with it...just adrenaline. During the same dream, one of my ex boyfriends wore a hood the entire time and stalked me throughout the dream. Everytime I'd look at him he'd give me a knowing smile and walk away.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ElizVanZee

The wolf can be used in dreams to represent a male who preys (sexually) upon females. This could be a feeling about males that has acquired great intensity (hundreds of them) Toning down this feeling could be a positive act (killing one at a time). You may be harassing yourself with a thought of the ex being a "bad guy" type. (boyfriend wore a hood)

(Added: 10/15/2010)


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