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  Dream Number: #382
Dream Type: reaccurring about ex
Date Posted: 10/7/2009

smoral from dallas,tx remembers this:

ok well i am married for a year and for the past couple of months i've been having reaccuring dreams about a past ex boyfriend , we live in the same town he is my bro in laws cousin and when we were together we were happy ,he told me his problems ,and confided in me and he respected me alot but he feeled like he didnt deserve me before we broke up i told him that he need to quit being scared about how he feels for me ...well i got married 2yrs later i am over my ex but started dreaming bout him recently here are the dreams......it always starts out with me alone waiting for my husband and a store or house or something then my ex comes and starts telling me how he feels for me i keep tell him that i am happy i am married and that i would never want to hurt my hubby ...then days later again another place my ex comes up to me confessing how he feels for me but i keep telling him no to stop cuz i am married and he is married so i walk away and see my husband and hug my husband and tell him i love him when i wake up it feels so real i feel hurt cuz i don t want to hurt my hubby i hate dreaming about my ex i feel so guilty ...i am married and my ex is married he has a kid i moved on why am i still dreaming about him.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ravenswain

In contemporary dreamwork it is accepted that what is explicit in the dream is not necessarily what the dream is about. In this case you may be dreaming about your ex because he had certain characteristics which your husband lacks and which you find you miss in a mate. You say the ex was confiding, respectful and thought of himself as not deserving of you. Are any of these traits you'd like to see more developed in your husband? Another way to look at dream images is that they represent aspects of the dreamer. Could you feel that you, yourself, need to be more confiding, respectful, somewhat less entitled? Whatever the case stop feeling guilty about dreaming. Even if on some level you desire your ex your subconscious is making you consciously aware of it, which means you can consciously act on or choose not to act on those feelings. The dream allows you to take conscious control of your life.

(Added: 10/7/2009)


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