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  Dream Number: #381
Dream Type: a little scary
Date Posted: 10/6/2009

ravenswain from Asheville, NC remembers this:


I am on the campus of a college where I understand I am a student, looking for an art exhibit in which I know I have some paintings. I go to several rooms without finding the exhibit. Still searching, I encounter my father who has come to the college to see me. I have something I need to put in his car so I go looking for it in a parking lot. When I find his car, a light blue Chrysler New Yorker, I notice nearby another car parked with one rear tire in a depression in the parking lot so deep the car seems to be sinking into the pavement. I put the thing, which looks like a black umbrella or a cane wrapped in black fabric, in the trunk of my father’s car, then I hear him talking on a cell phone. He tells one of my brothers to call him on the “people phone” which reminds me that Daddy has two cell phones, one for business and one for “people”. After concentrating very hard I remember the “people phone” number ends in “50”. I think I should call Daddy on this number and find out where he has gone. I get to a large, shabby, old building like a hanger where I know I have parked my own car, a brown Plymouth Valiant, but when I enter it the place is empty. I walk around, desperately trying to think what could have become of my car. Did I leave it here too long? Has it been towed away by the school? I go back to the other parking lot, looking for Daddy’s car but now this lot too is empty. I wonder if I have come to the wrong place, then I see the depression in which I noticed a car seeming to sink earlier and I know this is right lot but everybody, including my father, has left.

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