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  Dream Number: #375
Dream Type: scary
Date Posted: 8/31/2009

saradutton83 from remembers this:

this dream involved a lot of blood, i was laid on a medical couch in what i thought was a blood bank, she was asking me questions about my health when i realized i was there under someone else name , then i saw the person who i was acting as walk past me. then i was in a room with this blonde guy laid on a bed with surgical gown and hat on he was someone i knew but not in appearance. he was looking through my things, he kept going on about how he though i was ill. he found a envelope with green tickets in , i said thats from my sister, it was wrapped in pink crape paper with white paper lace around the edge , some black writing. he said i thought you said it was a love letter! he was angry. then i was running down loads of steps, i think i was in some sort f sports center, i reached the bottom level and saw a yale lock key in the door. i went to open the door and there was loads of teenage boys running at me but they were naked, they looked as if they had just finished training, so i ran back up stairs but they came out another r door. i got back up stairs to tell the guy saying to him how embarrassed i was. next i was in my home town coming out of a blood/medical center, i noticed someone from work in fact quite a few. then i noticed two prostitutes running around , there is some missing here i can remember talking to them and feeling bothered by that. next i remember crossing a road with my long term partner and as we did i heard screaming, it was those girls running past us with only t-shirts on , you could see there vagina's , and they were blooded i said, well it looks as if they have been raped.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: lester brosis

there is a lot of nudity and blood in this dream. is that common in your dreams?

Do you think you saw an image or heard a story that made you dream about these things in particular?

The only reason I ask is because I don't find blood in my dreams or violence really for that matter and I wonder if that has something to do with your environment, past, etc.

I hope your next dream is a little more pleasant and doesn't involve rape


(Added: 9/14/2009)

From: ravenswain

If this were my dream ... I would notice that I start the whole thing in a position of vulnerability, defended only by my assumption of another's persona. After the person I'm pretending to be passes by exposing my fraud I find myself in an even more vulnerable position with a man who is dressed like a surgeon! He violates my privacy, looking through my things, then gets mad at me because something does not comply with his expectations. In the next sequence I am not so utterly vulnerable but am seriously outnumbered by virile athletes whom I assume are sexually threatening. What is interesting here is that they look "as if they had just finished training". Training for what and how does this relate to or inform the threat they pose? Next I am again at the "blood/medical center" where I encounter prostitutes. When I am with my "long term partner" the threat I have felt is transfered to the prostitutes who are now half-clad, bloody and possibly raped.

The association of the "blood/medical center" with menstrual bleeding is unavoidable, as is the sexual anxiety which arises as soon as my false persona is exposed. Only when I am with my familiar partner can I disassociate myself from this sexual angst.

The question that is not addressed in the report is how the dreamer feels about the possibility the prostitutes have been raped. The remark "Well, it looks as if they have been raped", seems, on the surface, rather casual. Was the dreamer (within the dream) upset by what happened or did she feel as detached as the last remark sounds?

(Added: 10/6/2009)


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