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  Dream Number: #220
Dream Type: Confusing
Date Posted: 10/9/2007

snglandlookn from remembers this:

I got married. Had a wedding, with guests, and a big white dress. After the ceremony, I was asked how my husband is, and I discovered that I did not have one. I married no one, and the reception food was horrible.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Sweetpea6497

Sounds to me like even if you dont realize it you have a deep desire to get married, but feel like maybe you never will...or that once you do wed you will face abandonment. As for the food not being good...no idea.

(Added: 10/9/2007)

From: jonelyn

Hi snglandlookn,

Another possibility is that the dream is saying that you have made a committment to something but you are afraid it's not what you expected. Or it could be talking about something you are thinking about committing to in the near future and saying that you are afraid that if you do make the committment to this certain thing that you will be alone in it. It may not necessarily be speaking of a committment to marriage...it could be. But it could also be speaking of a committment to a new job or a project or anything that requires longterm involvement...also another thing, if the dream was full, bright color it may be a message from God that committing to that thing wouldn't be good. But if the dream was muted, toned down or dark colors you may have been dreaming out some fears you have concerning making a committment in whatever area...hope that helps : )

(Added: 10/27/2007)


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