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  Dream Number: #111
Dream Type: Confusing 10 year dream has now changed
Date Posted: 3/23/2006

sktbrdingfreak from Greenville remembers this:

Ok, All my life I have realy only had one dream that repeats itself, and for some reason it is always in bright colors. I am in Hawaii(guessing) standing on the beach looking out at the waves which continue to get bigger and bigger( scary big!). The water is not muddy but is not clear, just normal. Next I am suddenly paddling or swimming out to the huge waves but when I turn to look back inland at the shore there is a huge brick wall. This is usaly the time I awaken, totaly shaken. I have had this dream on and off for about 10-15 years now. Now here is where the dream or story becomes interesting. In the past couple weeks my dream has started to change. Now the dream starts the same, standing on the beach staring at seriously huge gigantic waves, only now a friend or two is with me. Next we all are paddling or swimming out, only now we actualy start making it over the waves. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere I am back on the beach and there is a woman with long blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes standing in front of a mint green beach type cabin. (I have never been into blonde hair or blue eyes) This woman has no other features but I remember saying in the dream how beautiful her eyes are, and being totaly intranced. This is now the part where I wake up. The dreams definately seem the same just maybe a continuance? Anyway, you guys tell me what you think this dream means. Let me know

Responses from the Dreamers

From: jonelyn

This dream seems to say that you are now going to be able to overcome things that you saw as obstacles in the past. (This seems to be connected in some way with having companions/help now that didn't seem to be there before.) You are going to enjoy new vision, or seeing things in a new light. Something that didn't seem beautiful before will now seem attractive to you.

(Added: 7/11/2006)

From: Bridget

I do think it might have something to do with conquering something you are afraid of possibly, as I said to another dreamer, I really hate to ever examine dreams as anything too logical, since I feel they are possibly more of a spiritual nature. In this case I almost think someone is genuinely trying to reach you, in some way. Sincerely. I realize you probably don't even look at this site anymore since this is sooooo old, but I liked your name (skateboardingfreak) and I thought the dream was one of the coolest I had read so far... I hope all in your life is going well some 8 years after you posted this, and maybe, just maybe, you have found your special blue eyed lady.

(Added: 3/7/2014)


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Responses from Guests

From: ed

Hawaii with its bright colors could be a symbol of paradise, your garden of eden. Can you find some tramatic event that occured when these dreams started? The wall could be some emotional/mental block. The block seems to be coming down as the dream suggests....whats happened the last couple weeks to overcome this block? The passage of time or some effort?

(Added: 3/31/2006)

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