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This site is our chance to have a friendly chat with those that interest us the most. We will be posting our brief interactions with people ranging from artists, musicians, authors to inventors. All we have to do is track them down and the questions just come natural to us.

To start things off, we talk to Franz Aumüller member of the German electronic group Roboterwerke.


#008: Frederic Mercier (Added: Apr. 14, 2009)
#007: Laurin Rinder (Added: Jul. 21, 2006)
#006: Maurice Fulton (Added: Jan. 3, 2006)
#005: Didier Marouani of SPACE (Added: Nov. 28, 2005)
#004: Kurt Hauenstein of Supermax (Added: Oct. 30, 2005)
#003: Prins Thomas (Added: Oct. 12, 2005)
#002: Tim Blake (Added: Sep. 6, 2005)
#001: Franz Aumüller (Roboterwerke) from Aug 2005


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