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  Dream Number: #88
Dream Type: relaxed
Date Posted: 1/21/2006

Shelly from Nancy, Kentucky remembers this:

I was in a video store that I remember dreaming about when I was younger--or perhaps I was actually in it when I was younger. The shelves against the window were short and the one against the wall was tall. It was night time. I searched the short shelves and I put a copy of Batman Returns back where it belonged.

I was in my sister's room in my house preparing to go out with Anna (friend) and some fellow whom I didn't know. I emptied my purse completely and let my hair down. Anna seemed impatient, like I was taking too long. I wore a black tank top. It was summer outside in Kentucky. I climbed into the backseat of this beat-up black car. Anna got into the front.

We drove down my road to the cornfields and horse farms and the man was wearing a cowboy hat and country music was playing on the radio and I couldn't figure out why Anna would be down with all this, but I was enjoying it and I liked the guy. As we passed the corn field, a sign said "parking," and the man wondered why there was parking nearby. I laughed at him. We drove on and the sun streamed in the window and I threw my hair back so the sun warmed my neck and shoulders and collarbones and I smiled and was happy.

Responses from the Dreamers

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