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  Dream Number: #78
Dream Type: SCARY
Date Posted: 1/13/2006

tigressangel from Tennessee remembers this:

My mom and I were outside on the porch, smoking a cigarette at night. I look over and see a light moving, coming from the side of the house. It was someone running around to the front of the house with a flashlight. I run in the house and try to pull my mom in and she trips by the front door. Well, she gets in and just as she was shutting the door, the person got in the house and shot her with a shotgun, close range. I ran over to where my baby was on the floor and I look up and they shoot me right above the heart. I drop to my knees and hover over my baby so they cant see her. I felt the shot and my whole body turned ice cold. I try to grab the phone and call whoever I can to let them know what happened. Then I woke up, chest hurting and body still freezing. I dont know if we died or if they found my baby under me, i just remember right before i woke up that the person has short blond curly hair, like a man.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: beaker

close to the same damn thing happened to me except i kept having these heart attacks, and i did die in the dream though like twice though and when i woke up my heart felt like there was a knife in it and it just lied in bed for an hour in a cold sweat,

did you talk to anyone about your dream like someone with a professional dude with a degree in psychology, cuz if you did i would like to hear about it, so maybe i could relate it to mine



(Added: 6/29/2006)


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