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  Dream Number: #76
Dream Type: Love
Date Posted: 1/11/2006

Shantelle from ONE remembers this:

I was at school and this boy named David walked in and he kissed me.

Responses from the Dreamers

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Responses from Guests

From: jonelyn

Hi Shantelle,

Sometimes a kiss from a guy in a dream represents Jesus/God expressing his love for you. Could be in this case, especially with the significant name "David"...it means "beloved"....

(Added: 4/8/2007)
From: jonelyn

Oh, I forgot to say that a kiss from a guy might represent God expressing his love if the vibe in the dream is positive ofcourse---if the guy David were rude, angry etc ofcourse he wouldn't represent that. If he was kind and the experience was positive then it's a distinct possibility! :)

(Added: 4/8/2007)

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