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  Dream Number: #71
Dream Type: Fun
Date Posted: 12/12/2005

The_Hairy_Lemon from remembers this:

Heres a pretty cool dream I had a while back.

It started off like a move, I was observing rather than participating. I was in downtown Montreal and I was watching Malcom from Malcom in the Middle and some middle aged man waiting outside a bank for something. After a few minutes I got bored and walked off. At that point I realized I was dreaming. I crossed the road and walked up another street. I walked by a phone booth and punched the glass but it didnt break and I fell on my ass. I found it disappointing but amusing at the same time.

I got up and noticed a motorcycle by the side of the road so I went for it. As I was approaching the motorbike I saw a guy in an SUV pull up. I was considering pulling him out and taking the SUV but I hopped on the bike instead. I didnt even need to hotwire or start up the bike I just pulled the throttle and it went.

I remember laughing about how much fun it was ripping it down the road at top speed. It seemed like I was going about 150 MPH. I sped down the road and went up Mont Royal mountain. I was going way to fast and lost control of the bike turning the sharp corners and went off the edge. Thats about when it ended.

It was a short dream but fun all the same.

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