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  Dream Number: #70
Dream Type: Short But Interesting
Date Posted: 12/12/2005

The_Hairy_Lemon from remembers this:

I had a dream the other day I was staying in a tent in the amazon jungle with a friend. We were staying in an open space surrounded by trees beside a small pond/lake. My friend had gone to the shops (in the middle of the amazon jungle) and I was sitting on a foldup chair outside the tent watching panthers and monkeys climb the trees. I noticed an old wood and rope bridge that went to the other side of the pond so I decided to cross it. I got about half way and noticed alligators swimming towards me so I turned around. The bridge was at water level. On my way back I noticed I was wearing a pair of flippers. When I got to the end of the bridge one of my flippers got stuck. I was struggling to get my foot out of the bridge before the alligator got to me, but I had no luck, the alligator caught me and as I was being mauled by it I woke up. I was kind of dissapointed when I woke up that I couldnt get my foot out of the bridge and the dream had to end like that because it was a pretty unique and crazy dream.

Responses from the Dreamers

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