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  Dream Number: #68
Dream Type: Strange But Funny
Date Posted: 12/12/2005

The_Hairy_Lemon from remembers this:

Right after the soya pop dream I found myself stting at a table in sort sort of office. To my right was Samuel L Jackson and on the other side of the table was some black lady, I had the impression she was some sort of police station secretary. Samuel L Jackson was trying to get some sort of information out of the lady but she wasnt telling us anything. I remember I kept cracking jokes which seemed hilarious at the time. I dont remember what the jokes where but they all involved the words "mystery man" or "mystery". After a while we got up and left the office. Samuel L Jackson walked straight down the corridor but I took a left and went down a staircase. Thats when I realized I was dreaming.

The minute I noticed it was a dream I started running down the stairs to maintain the lucidity. I noticed this dream being alot clearer than usual. I got bored of running down the stairs so I went through one of the doors. Thats when I noticed I was in a hospital. I was really disappointed seeing as I didnt like hospitals very much and was expecting to be somewhere a little more interesting. I decided to make the best of it and search for some morphine. I went into a room where there was an empty bed. There was nothing to be found in there except for some strange but familiar looking object. I cant begin to describe this object but I remember thinking in the dream how weird it was that this object was just lying there and why my mind would make such an object.

I left the room and proceeded down the corridor, there were a bunch of people down there. I saw a black woman who looked familiar. For some odd reason I decided to try and rob her handbag. She wouldnt let go so I patted her on the back and walked into a room on the left. There were two women talking to each other, one of them had a jar of pills. She ate some pills and passed them to the other woman. They pills were the shape of tiny white balls. I grabbed the jar of pills off the woman and was thinking about eating some of them but I didnt trust eating pills I found in a hospital so I threw them on the ground. The woman looked shocked.

At that point I was pissed off I was in a lucid dream but I was stuck in a hospital so I tried to get out. I was thinking of going the way I came to get back to the stairs and make my way down to the exit but there was a window right beside so I decided jump through it. Another unsuccessful attempt, thats about the time the dream ended.

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