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  Dream Number: #65
Dream Type: Just Plain Weird
Date Posted: 12/12/2005

The_Hairy_Lemon from remembers this:

This is a compilation of weird dreams I had last night, most of them are so short ill put them all into one.

I dont remember what exact order they happened in but i'll take a guess.

I think the first dream started with me in the back yard of some house. In the dream the house was familiar but when I look back at it, it wasnt anywhere I had been before. I was at the side of the house between the neighbours house and I was looking at some of the trees there and to my amazement I noticed a datura stramonium "tree" which I had planted a few months earlier had grown as tall as the house. I was overcome with happiness at that point. To top it all off I picked one of the seedpods and it was the size of my hand and completely full of seeds.

I was delighted to notice there were hundreds of seedpods growing on the tree, most of them were undeveloped but I saw a few giant seedpods turning pale yellow and starting to open.

It looked just like a datura tree should but there were a few odd details. One of them was that the seeds werent small and black/dark red/yellowish, instead the were large, pale red, oval shaped seeds. The other weird detail was the fact that the undeveloped seedpods werent thorn apples but they were the edible kind of apples you buy in the shops only they were alot smaller.

I emptied the seeds into my hand and went to show a friend but I was dropping the seeds by the second and when I got around to showing my friend the I had already lost most of the seeds.

Thats all I remember of that dream but I think it lead straight to this one.

The next part of the dream I was in a subway station waiting for the train and some chinese guy who looked familiar started talking to me. I couldnt quite figure out who he was but I knew him from somewhere. We were talking for a while and we left the subway station and then I noticed the sun was so bright I couldnt see a thing. It was pretty irratating because I not only couldnt see, it felt like the sun was burning my eyes, even when I closed them it still hurt.

Next thing I noticed myself in some room with a snooker table. There were lots of different colored balls and I was playing with my brother. After he potted the white ball I was looking for it but in the compartment were the white ball usually comes out there were loads of different colored balls there so I couldnt find the white one. I picked out a weird looking purple ball that wasnt exactly a sphere, it had round edged but it was like it had been half flattened. It was more oval shaped than circular. I put it on the table and started laughing then somebody else in the room said that ball isnt supposed to be used as the white ball instead he said you only use it when using that stand thing you use when taking a shot thats too far to reach on your own. The funny thing about that is the guy who told me the use of the oval ball has been dead for about 5 years now.

After that it switched to a human chess game. This only seemed to last a minute or so but its so strange I have to add it. I was on a gigantic chess board and the only pieces on the table were 2 kings and 2 queens. I remember planning how I was going to take the opponents queen but before I knew it was over.

I kept this one for last because I find it the most strange and interesting out of them all. I was in a factory which turned humans into mutants. I was considering mutating myself to grow an extra pair of arms but there was a voice coming from a speaker or somewhere talking about all the negative aspects of the factory. It was talking about how the factory uses radioactive energy to mutate the people and once your exposes to this radiation your stuck with it your whole life. After hearing that I decided not to mutate myself.

As I was leaving the factory I caught a few glimpses of the people who had been mutated. Most of them had green skin but it was breaking off like they had some sort of skin disease. I noticed one person with a small foot growing out of his forehead. I thought it was an excellent idea to have a foot growing out of your forehead so I complemented him on it and asked him what he was planning on doing with it.

None of these dreams were lucid but I think they were strange enough to add to the log. I cant help but notice the strangest dreams usually arent the lucid ones.

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