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  Dream Number: #57
Dream Type: Weird...
Date Posted: 11/1/2005

~Dani~ from Deer River remembers this:

This dream occurred just last night. I was piling firewood with my dad at my grandpa's. Although there were pieces strewn about the yard; by the old garage and woodstove, there was some maple logs as well. I dreamt that my ex-boyfriend from England was there. I "dated" him online a few years ago and I saw him. At one point, he was in the cab my dad's old gray Ford F-150 pickup! Then, all of a sudden, we were at my house and my dad asked who was in the cab of the pickup. My ex was still in there! Hewas sleeping! His legs were bent and were in plain sight. My dad didn't even get mad (he doesn' t like him very much and I still talk to my ex, but what dad don't know won't hurt me!! LOL)! Then, I was locking my lips with his! It was soooo weird! Sometimes I think that my Dreams are trying to send out a message. Sometimes I wonder if they're good or bad. Sometimes I get scared. Scared of it'd actually happen. Scared of it did happen and how the people involved or myself would react.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: amy

Dreams could be subconscious wants. Dreams also may be reflecting your own memories, and maybe a kiss because this is one of the things you would like to experience either again or for the first time since this was an online relationship. Dreams are the unknown, the life that is after death.

(Added: 11/23/2005)


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Responses from Guests

From: ed

"Scared of it'd actually happen. Scared of it did happen and how the people involved or myself would react. "..............I would bet that this fear is fueling these dreams. Stop energizing the concept and it will vanish. Anxiety dreams are one of the most common.

(Added: 11/4/2005)

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