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  Dream Number: #56
Dream Type: Sort of Scary but odd
Date Posted: 10/30/2005

bofster from stockport remembers this:

I was sat on a chair in my bedroom as it was when i was a child and i was watching my child self sleeping. I could see the dreams that he was having and they were the dreams that i used to have. i found this quite disturbing and would be delighted if anyone could give me any insight into what this could mean.

Replies from the dreamer:

Some of them were bad but some were good. Maybe i've been thinking about the past subconciously because i don't recall thinking about it lately.
(Added: 10/31/2005)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Aariq

woah, thats really cool. Maybe you've just been thinking about your childhood lately, or more generally about the past. Were the dreams you saw bad dreams?

(Added: 10/31/2005)

From: ElizVanZee

The "dreams" as they are referred to in this scene could literally represent the idea of "hopes and dreams" such as one might have for one's future. Your dream could suggest that there is an aspect of yourself (the child self) which still has the same kind of hopes, wishes, dreams that you had many years ago.
This could suggest that you have not progressed from dreaming of the same kind of things that an innocent child would hope for - or perhaps that you have still not realized those dreams. [Have you perhaps failed to take any action that would lead to a fulfillment of those early hopes for yourself?]

(Added: 11/6/2005)


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Responses from Guests

From: ed

There could be an issue that arose at that time in your life. There could be something you need to understand about that period of your life.

(Added: 11/4/2005)
From: Dr Sherman M.D.

Looking back on your childhood means you are uncomfortable with something new (ish) in your life. (a new job, house, partner) and subconciously, you are not happy - maybe you have felt pressured into doing something.

My advice would be to change whatever it is that could be making you unhappy.

(Added: 12/16/2005)

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