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  Dream Number: #513
Dream Type: normal type
Date Posted: 3/11/2013

morfeus from remembers this:

I dreamed there was a thief in my home.He was at the kitchen and locked the door.My husband is going to kitchen and trying to open the door.The thief is loughing haha...very bass sound...and making noisy.I thought ' he doesnt afraid of somethin because locked te door.but the house was not my house...different.
I was standing at the back of my husband.He is holding pincers and e waving his right hand in the air.
I do nothing just keeping standing...My colleque from my Office - WHO is I never trust her- came to help. ( my husband doesnt know WHO she is in current life. My husband couldnt manage open the kitchen door and called the firestation.I didnt understood why he called the firestation.
after ı saw the Sun and picked up a pine cone.And there is a glass of water and very small fishs are swimming in it.they are pink and blue one is died.I fell myself so sad.

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