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  Dream Number: #509
Dream Type: Sexual-ish
Date Posted: 11/26/2012

Nate from remembers this:

I don\'t have detailed dreams very often. Lately, I\'ve had a couple I remember very well.

The earliest I remember, it starts when I\'m lying on my couch in my apartment where I live with two other people. I\'m on my laptop, and I\'m using it to talk with a promiscuous girl over the internet. Someone else is in the room talking to me about it I think, but I don\'t know who it is.

The next thing I know, I\'m inside what looks like a classroom in a high school building. The building and everything in it is entirely a pale yellow color, or some shade close to it. At a rectangular table, Im sitting across from a blonde woman with her hair in a ponytail. Other people are at the table, but Im not looking at or paying attention to any of them. The girl and I talk for some time about normal things, just having a pleasant, polite conversation. Before, on the internet, she had made it clear she was offering some kind of sexual service. Now, she hands me what looks like (or what I imagine) legal documents, and we talk about a deal that involves sex. I don\'t know what I agreed to, or what I gave in return, but the agreement did happen.

We\'re walking down the hall of the yellow building outside the previous room. I notice she\'s shorter than me. Were laughing, and still having a pleasant conversation, but at the same time we\'re discussing and looking for where we should go to conclude our deal. We come across some friends of mine around the corner in the hall, and we get distracted. They have a radio and have started dancing in a group. (at this point, I don\'t know if the blonde girl is still with me or not) One of my friends (a short, slightly overweight, brunette girl, who is the girlfriend of one of my best friends) for some reason ends up high in my arms and we begin to fall backwards through the double doorway at the end of the hall to the outside of the building. We\'re both laughing and go back inside where everyone is still dancing. I only recognize one person. (an old high school buddy of mine I saw not too long ago at a restaurant in real life) He\'s helping me learn to dance with the rest of them when I wake up.

I never really have sex with the girl

Responses from the Dreamers

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