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  Dream Number: #505
Dream Type: dream
Date Posted: 7/27/2012

Fishys1 from remembers this:

On my way to school I came across my friend Jonathon on his bike, he told me that he and his older sister had been running from something but whatever it was it killed his sister. Before it killed her she told him at the school there was a porch, the porch is split in half and to get to the other half and there he would find the other half a coo-coo clock witch a note she left in it for him. I never knew the porch had a second half and decided to go with him and see it for myself.
We finally got to the porch inside the school. Him and I walked onto it and I looked around, noticing the old worn down wooden planks that made the porch and the sturdy bridge wires that held the thing up. I looked to my left and saw one piece of a coo-coo clock that needed to be wound but didn't show time. Jonathon then took his bike and began crossing two small planks of wood connected the two halves of the bridge together. I followed him and barely made it (It was very wobbly and unsturdy).
The other half of the porch was barely supported by its support beams and wires holding it up (it looked like it was about to collapse into the canyon at any moment). Jonathon got his note.
That's when i noticed my friends coming into school. They all saw me and despite my pleading they came onto the other half of the bridge. I thought it wouldn't hold but it did!
Now there is more however it focuses on other things...But I've been having trouble understanding the porch and my friends, by any chance does anyone have any idea?

Responses from the Dreamers

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