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  Dream Number: #501
Dream Type: scary,foriene
Date Posted: 6/30/2012

DarkDreamer1998 from shipping port remembers this:

it was when i was like 6 but i still remember it, i was sitting up in my bed and i had this little nightlight on the wall across the room, but instead the light being blue it turned blood red... i was confused at first but then got a little scared when i started hearing growling, and there was no animals in the house, i turned around and sure enough there was a black panther crawling on the floor, it jumped on me and started clawing my chest... and it pined me up against the wall, and it said something, either i just can't remember what it said or it was in a different language... but i woke up ran to the living room crying telling my dad to get the gun there is a big cat in my room, so we went back in, no cat... but the bed sheets were torn and i did not remember doing it, and i found a couple little cratches on my chest and arms... weird hu? mom put me back to seep told me it was just a bad dream, she left my room and i was just like- did i just attack myself????????????

Responses from the Dreamers

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