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  Dream Number: #495
Dream Type: angering,ragefull,peacfull
Date Posted: 4/14/2012

Dakota Shrum from asiston al remembers this:

Im in a viod with a dark energy flowing from me. I see my dead relitives ghosts. There on a ring of light in the viod.
One of them speacks its my mothers grand mother she told me that i discust her and that what id become scared her.she returned to her spot. Then her and the others turned to icons of what they loved most in the world. then above them apeared living relitives including my mother and father,grand parents from all sides of the family and a frend who without him i dont think id of made it this far he considerd family to me hes been around longerthan my dad.above them my frends a great anger resinated from them it fuled me. then in a booming vioce coming from above said i had to insinerat one of my family members without a second thought i turned to my dad and in a blase of energy a phonix came and took him. then i was at a concert feeling a bit better but as if the battle wasnt over.

Responses from the Dreamers

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