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  Dream Number: #493
Dream Type: reaccuring
Date Posted: 2/29/2012

ForestShepherd from remembers this:

I dreamed of him again, this dream seemed so much more real than normal that is startles me. I have had this same dream twice now so I feel that I can more accuretly describe it to you all. It starts out with me in a dark large old house. there are no lights in this house nor light switches. All is quite and still in the house when a the vibrant sound of a violin and a piano fill the air coming from upstairs. I make my way the stairs carefully toward the sound. The house is old and filled with antique looking furniture and when I reach the top of the stairs the music is coming from a room down the hall. I approach this room the door is open barely and i peek inside to see the same young man playing a violin another older man is on the piano they are playing for a small group of people. They had stopped for a short break I think and everyone started talking and as the young man turned he spotted me in the doorway and the bow slipped from his bow he looked almost afraid that he spotted me here. Very quickly he mutely spoke words to the pianist who began to play again before setting down the violin rushing to the door and closing it behind him. He then grabbed my wrist and pulled me down the hall around a corner and pushed me against the wall as the door to the room he just fled opened. Somebody was calling out and I was going to reply when he covered my mouth with his hand shaking his head no. He raised a finger to his lips like he was shushing me. Then while that same person was still calling from the other hall he reached over to a dusty picture and wrote in the dust . It looked like he scribbled jibberish but the letters he wrote were "ne somnevaysya vo mne" I had no idea what it means. I kept trying to talk and he was trying super hard to keep me quite and shook me when footsteps started to approach us. like he was trying to shake me back awake. Any ideas on what this could mean I have had this dream four times now

Replies from the dreamer:

so I re read what I typed and realized at the top instead of twice I meant to type multiple times I haven't been sleeping well lately and my mind is a bit hazy my apologies
(Added: 2/29/2012)

Responses from the Dreamers

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