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  Dream Number: #489
Dream Type: Confusing
Date Posted: 1/22/2012

ForestShepherd from remembers this:

I keep having a dream where the same man keeps apearing. He is a tall young man possibly in his twenties with wavey black hair that reaches his jaw has green eyes and tan skin. I feel as though he has a reason for being in my dreams because of how often he appears. One of the last dreams I have had of him he was trying to talk to me again. But in everydream I have where he appears I can hear noises like other people, birds the wind..but whenever he tries to speak to me no sound ever comes out its like he is personaly muted.
The last dream I had he had apeared when I was bing followed by someone who was scaring me. he grabbed my wrist and started running and as soon as I got away he pointed the way we had come from and tried to say something to me with no avail. This happens often and he seems frustrated by my confusion and is insisntent on trying to say whatever he is trying to tell me. can you explain this to me?

Replies from the dreamer:

I look nothing like the male i dream of I am about to become twenty two and from my opinion I live a normal and good life. I do not drink, I use no drugs or medications, I eat healthy and have a pretty stress free life. I have long brown hair dark eyes and pale skin. I can never really remember much of my dreams but I think that the man he was trying to keep me from was white. um blonde hair very pale and sickly looking
(Added: 2/29/2012)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: TheDreamFairy

Is there a guy that trys to give you advice but you don't listen to it? Or maybe he's just trying to tell you something. Either way, you must not be listening to him and that's why he gets frustrated. Maybe you get distracted when he's talking to you (eg. other people talking, birds in the wind, etc). If you get easily distracted with a certain person, try to really hard to pay attention.

(Added: 2/1/2012)

From: dreamwiz

Hi there forestShephard! Who does this young man you dreamed about reminds you of? and who is this scary person you were running away from? By the way how old are you? My feeling is that the tall young man with black wavey hair, green eyes and tan skin is your good-handsome second self or for better word your spirit self; your conscious mind, trying to alert you of possible danger/harm from something you are involved with. Please examine your way of life and find out who was the scary person you are affraid of. God Bless.

(Added: 2/20/2012)


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