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  Dream Number: #483
Dream Type: Haunting
Date Posted: 12/11/2011

ManAlive from Uxbridge/Scarborough remembers this:

Im walking along a shore, I think its a very large body of water and I have no awareness of the other side or wether there is one. I walk right up to the edge and realize then that it is a cliff and the water is 50-100ft below, as though at low tide.

Time passes and I return to the cliff to find that the water has risen and is now just a few feet from the land's edge.

I walk a short distance to my right along the water and come to a dock. There is a sort of pontoon boat moored there and several people are waiting for it to depart, I think its a tour of some kind and I'm also vaguely aware that most or all of the people on board are 'older' than me (Im 26 at the time). I get on the boat but feel out of place and have a sense of guilt or that I should have paid a fair or something...

I leave the boat and return to the shore where I decide to dive into the water.

I'm under water and have a very intense sensation of actually being there; the slight pressure, the muted sounds... My eyes are open and I look ahead of me and see a baby, floating a few feet in front of me. I make eye contact with the baby and as soon as our eyes meet everything goes silent and all sensation turns into a black, velvety void. The baby is so perfect! Its glowing, almost translucent and I know its like the most wholesome being I ever seen. As I look at it (boy/girl/genderless?), it says to me telepathically: "The child will be born weak but don't worry about it".

I clumsily ask "...wait, what?", half-consious, and as soon as I do the void is broken and the water, sounds and sensations return. End of dream.

After this dream I cant help but feel like I had a chance to speak with a higher power and totally blew it by being distracted. Also, about 7-9 months later my cousin had a child with cripplingly poor ability to produce muscle...

Responses from the Dreamers

From: ForestShepherd

that is quite erriey how is the baby doing now

(Added: 2/29/2012)

From: DarkDreamer1998

wow tense, did you know she was pregnant? if i may ask... but maybe it was just to let you know or to stop the worry of a waek child... or something...

(Added: 6/30/2012)


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