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  Dream Number: #472
Dream Type: Adventure; Semi-Lucid
Date Posted: 6/1/2011

Eirlys from remembers this:

This might be a bit long so bear with me~ I guess the setting is suppose to be like a 'rundown futuristic medieval era', but it doesn't look like it(don't ask me how I know it's the rundown future then). There are several characters, but I'll name only the important ones. The followring are all on a team: Myself; apparently a mysterious person on the team? A guy named 'Totorri'; he's the leader. His sister, 'Mali'; wild, rambunctious, does not want to listen to her brother ALL the time. And this sulky guy(Sulky guys seem to appear a lot in my dreams), 'Fuuro'; no one knows him much, but he's powerful. In this world, I guess is like Yu-Gi-Oh--People who can, fight with magical cards. There are spell, traps, and monsters. Those who use these cards are usually hunters or mercenaries...My team is one as such, and we get hired to...do whatever. I must mention now, however, that this world is inhabited by monsters. Also, in this team...we all wear masks, because we don't trust one another. We hide each other identities from each other(except the siblings, obviously), and don't hang out together unless working...Though I try to be friendlier with everyone, it's not always received gratefully. The reason no one really trusts each other, in this team or otherwise, is because of the whole 'rundown future' thing...War-like.
ANYWAY! We're on a job right now, and it's about hunting down a monster...Since we don't have much info about the beast, being told by the client to just come by his castle, we meet up with our "usual guy". He supplies us with...supplies and stuff. As the convo goes, apparently he gets targeted a lot by enemies because of us and our superior hunting. He tells us his tired of all this...and that this was his last delivery. Totorii is angry about this because they can't get stuff from anyone else; again the trust thing. But I pipe in and say we can't force him to do anything he doesn't want, and that we should be grateful he's done so much for us already. He's always treated us special, helping us out. Disgruntled, the rest of the team just nods and began to walk off...Before I can go off as well, our guy stops me and thanks me...and hands me a special good-luck charm. He says that even though he won't be supplying much anymore, he hopes to meet everyone again... We travel off to this castle(by going through a graveyard), and suddenly we're attacked by flying crystal guards! We have to dodge and stuff, use our magic cards, and we finally make it to the castle, where our client awaits. He's a noblemen, and he set those crystal guards after us to test us...and he's very pleased. He then goes on to tell us about the monster, who's a very unusual sort. It only attacks one every few years, and when it does...it steals away people. But only after playing a 'game' with them. The town near the castle is like a ghost town now...So, we agree to deal with this monster, who's going to appear in just a few days. In those few days, we were allowed to stay in the Lord's castle. I began to notice odd things...like the Lord's servants; they're so quiet and...just strange. Some parts of the castle seems so new and vibrant, but there are some things that look incredibly...old, untouched for YEARS. Some wings are completely off-limits to us...Everyone else disregards the 'weird things' and thinks I'm being odd. As I walk to the library, I find myself staring at 2 paintings...One of them is of the Lord, but the other is covered. Curious, I try to peek, but is stopped by the Lord who suddenly appears! He proceeds to try and make friendly conversation with me...very friendly...He says, "you're very pretty...Shame you must wear a mask." "What...How would you know what I look like?!" "Heh, I don't, really...I suppose I was speaking more of...your spirit." Before I can say anything else, he leaves to attend to business. Creeeeeeeepy. I go back to my team, to tell them that there was definitely something wrong here but I only manage to find Fuuro in his room. Taciturn and rude as ever, he doesn't seem to care that Totorii and Mali are supposedly missing...I try to urge him to take action with me, but he reacts angrily when I start to tug on his arm. Suddenly, we hear a scream and the both of us run off in case it was that Monster. We find a dead body...but no Monster. No tracks. At this point, Totorii and Mali appear, saying they were preparing traps when this happened. The Lord appears, saying is seems the Monster will be coming sooner than usual. He suggest we get ready...For thus far, none who has seen the creature face-to-face has ever lived to tell the tale. Totorii suggests we keep in pairs, telling us to keep our Coms on, and we then split up to scour the Castle. The siblings together, and me and Fuuro with the tension rising...While Fuuro and I look around, I accidentally get lost and end up falling through a forgotten trap door. I find myself in one of the forbidden wings, which looks nothing like the rest of the castle at all! It's incredibly old and dusty, filled with things from nearly a hundred years ago. Exploring more, I start to unravel this mystery...The Monster...IS THE LORD! All the servants were actually the captured people, who have been long dead. I manage to get my com working, trying to warn my team of the dangers. Now that the Lord's secret has been revealed, he and his servants gets violent and 'The Game' really begins. We all notice how we're suddenly weaker; this place has been slowly sapping our energy...The Lord manages to split us all up, to face us one-on-one and use his persuasive charisma to chip away our confidence and such. In a 'I know your secrets, ha ha you're so sad' sort of way. Fuuro, with his asshole-ness, manages to break away from his illusion first and sets off on a killing spree on the servants. But it's revealed that in just a few hours time, if they don't kill the Lord, they will all be trapped in this world of his...Fuuro sets off the find the others and set them free from their own illusions. For me, however, the Lord does not seem intent on fighting me. He actually wants me to join him, to stand by his side...When I demand to know why, saying I would never turn my back on my team...He asks me, wasn't I tired of everyone turning their back on myself? He tries to confuse me, saying that the others on my team didn't care about me...and prods at why we all wear masks. I start to hesitate...but he'll find he can't so easily overpower my mind. He backs off, screaming that he'll deal with the others so that I'd have no choice but to stay here with him. He whips out his sword and wounds me just enough to keep me from moving too much. He left me among all that old stuff...and no one else knew I was here. My com is broken and I'm too weak to use any of my cards...Back with the others, Mali and Totorii are released from their illusions early, so that the Lord can face all three of them at once. Time is slipping away, and the 3 of them are getting their asses kicked. He starts to land the final blow, but I appear out of the blue to shield them from it! My mask gets torn off, and my face is revealed, blahblahblah...My teammates are confused as to why I would risk my life for them, but start freaking out and saying 'Stop! You'll get killed!'...I wouldn't let up, and continue to try and shield them. The Lord is getting angrier and crazier...He wants to know why I was doing this to him "again". And with what strength I can muster, I go off on a speech: "B-because...because I know...what you've been through..." It seems hundreds of years ago, he was in love with a young woman who was a scientist or something. She was always kind and trusting and they loved each other dearly, even though she was all tech and he had to keep to a more medieval theme. People didn't approve of this...but it didn't matter to these 2. However, people around the town began to disappear and they started to blame the Scientist Woman and her studies. Craziness happens, and it's revealed one of her own team members had back-stabbed her and stuff and now she's been murdered. The Lord was distraught...and he swore on his last living breath, that he would seek revenge on the world. He committed suicide but his ghost continued to survive, with murderous intent. Unaware that he was actually a ghost, he stole people away, killed them, and kept their spirits as his servants. Once all the town members and such were gone, he sought out to the rest of the world, tricking people to come to him. His illusions kept all in the dark until it was too late...But his 'heart' continued to ache for his lost love. And he had become insane enough throughout the years that he thought I looked like lover. Which is why we're all here now...he was convinced that I was his lover, reincarnated! "I'm not her..." I continue to say, "this whole castle...you...none of it's real! It's...b-been nearly a thousand years...and you couldn't t-tell that you were already dead..." The castle's illusion wears off, revealing it's true form, and the Lord slowly starts to panic..."None of it was real...?!" "No...but you couldn't tell...You were just so...sad. You just couldn't tell...just like you couldn't tel Talia(his lover) has been here with you...all along..." I move closer to him, and takes his sword. "She's been here...weeping. Trying to call for you. S-she's been...trapped, with your sadness...By you..." Suddenly, I impale myself with the sword to EVERYONE'S shock. The sword starts to glow and it falls apart; Talia appears, using my body as a vessel. Because of the Lord's craziness, Talia's spirit got trapped in his sword...the sword he had used to kill everyone. For so long, she had been trying to reach out to him but he didn't hear her. When he slashed me, I was able to hear her and the true story opened to me. She goes on to say that he doesn't have to do any of this anymore...that they can finally rest in peace. The Lord weeps, all his madness has disappeared; he tells her he's sorry, and he'd love nothing more but to spend their eternity together. But he tells her he must atone for his crimes first..."Can you wait...just a while longer?" "I've waited this long, my love...and I'll wait forever more." Talia goes up to what is supposedly Heaven, and the Lord's own ghost disappears to who knows where...but most assuredly to right his wrongs. Now that he's gone, the castle's illusion disappears completely and all the trapped 'servants' are freed. The 'Monster' and his curse is no more...I get released from Talia's possession and fall, seeming mortally wounded...The last thing I hear was someone calling my name. I wake up, later, in a safe house of the team's. I had been patched up, and everyone has waited 3 weeks for me to wake up again. They say...that they should have listened when I said something was wrong earlier. That they were sorry, and how foolish they had been(although Fuuro just stood quietly in the corner). If it hadn't been for me, simply being the way I've always been, none of them would be here right now. And that the Lord's spirit would still be trapped in his madness. They say that I've always tried to show trust and friendliness to them, but they never returned such notions. They thought they didn't need it, thought they really didn't care at all..."But, when you stood up there...trying to protect us. We got scared, in a way we've never felt before and never thought we would. We thought...we'd actually lose you. And realize we could never bear that." I then notice my mask is gone. I remember something we all agreed to at the beginning of this team-making. That we always had to wear the mask around each other, to not reveal our full names, that we were all just 'business partners', so we would not be liable to any one of them...However, Mali took off her mask. And then Totorii...even Fuuro. "From now on, we're a REAL team." That ends one adventure. My dreams starts to continue it, focusing on the true nature of the Magical Cards and how they cards have spirits and we're more powerful than we realize...but then I woke up~ :'P

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