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  Dream Number: #47
Dream Type: Two paths
Date Posted: 10/16/2005

dls_me from SJ remembers this:

Had a dream about two paths.
A friend was in the dream trying to coerce me to go one way which was around this long wall with a very narrow ledge that touched very dark and murky waters (with green algae) I instinctively knew there were alligators and critters that could be dangerous in the water. It was dark and dismal outside and the waters were just gross!

First she went ahead of me on this narrow ledge and then kept telling me to come on….and finally sounding perturbed, asked ‘what are you afraid of?’ I didn’t answer but kept looking at the waters that were so gross and frightening to look at. I was thinking … “why would I want to go this way”?

All of a sudden the scene switched to where there were two paths…. one still through the same murky waters with the narrow ledge barely above the water… the other path was clear with large stones well above the water and the water wasn’t near as murky. In face it wasalso lighter outside on this path so it was definitely clearer and it seemed there was green grass around the area. I stood looking at the two roads thinking why does she want me to go the other way when this way has a clear path and is not so ominous?
I woke up not making a decision but just stood there trying to figure out what to do.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Aariq

Don't give into peer pressure! If you're friends are forcing you to do things that would not be best for you, they're not very good friends.

(Added: 10/16/2005)


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