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  Dream Number: #460
Dream Type: Lucid
Date Posted: 1/2/2011

Jasey from New York, NY remembers this:

It was like watching a tv episode. I had my own thoughts vs the version of me that I was watching.. But anyway, I guess it would be like the end of the episode and I was at Panera with my best friend's (at the time) boyfriend, it had been only a week since my best friend died, and we were eating lunch & just talking about her & stuff and he mentioned that he wished he could just call her & hear her voice & I saw myself just kinda smile but I knew I was thinking something but I didn't know what. Then it jumped to me and him standing outside the restaurant and he gave me a hug and told me it was nice to have someone to talk to who really knew her & I could hear my thoughts this time and I had said something like, "he really is a great kid." I got in my car and drove to the cemetery where she was buried and the me that was watching all this kinda realized that I wasn't over it, but I has accepted it, I wasn't sure how though because it hadn't been very long. Then I sat by her grave and said "hi, ____." I called her some weird foreign name that meant something like friend, but I'm not sure what the word actually was. Anyway, I sat and waited for a second and then she was sitting in front of me and she smiled and said "hi." Then it went black. 

Responses from the Dreamers

From: dradcliffe09

I take it you lost a friend recently or a long time ago. You were really close, and parting with her has been difficult to say the least. I would say the dream was your way of coping with the loss. The fact that her boyfriend was there hints at a few things:

You had or still have an interest in him, it may be attraction, friendship, or he's the closest thing to a connection to the friend you lost. Maybe you should tell him about the dream and see what develops. You've shared it with a bunch of strangers on the internet already!

(Added: 2/13/2011)


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