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  Dream Number: #458
Dream Type: fear/confusion
Date Posted: 12/17/2010

vuka from remembers this:

A friend is upset. I go into a room with her and another friend. She's talking. I see a gun in a box on the bed near her. She's shooting kids and others leave the room. She aims the gun at me and shoots. Not real bullets but I feel fear. No one dies. No blood. I tell her I don't need that behavior/ abuse. I leave the room.

Replies from the dreamer:

That's an interesting idea, thanks for that.
I had been saying things that were "hard hitting' but hopefully helpful to my friend. '
Thank you for that idea ;}
(Added: 12/30/2010)

Thanks dradcliffe09
Now I see another angle!
I suspect that she is angry because she is babysitting too much and hasn't got time for her own life!
Publicly she is happy and not complaining but inside I bet it's different.... both responses have been so helpful... thanks all ;}
(Added: 2/19/2011)

Responses from the Dreamers

From: wildrice

Hello, I wonder if you have this dream when your friend or maybe even you are "shooting" off your mouth, verballY? I usually get this type of shooting dream when I've been to aggressive in my speech w/ someone!

(Added: 12/29/2010)

From: dradcliffe09

How's your friend doing? Has she been showing moods or behavior lately that make you wonder about her? Does it scare you?

If that's not the case, what about the the kids she shot at? Do you know any of them? If so, how do they relate to your friend? there may be a tense or aggressive situation developing that needs your attention.

Maybe I'm totally out of the park on this one. Either way, have you told your friend about this? If I'm right about the behavior, be consider of your friend's feelings and tread lightly.

(Added: 2/13/2011)


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