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  Dream Number: #442
Dream Type: Terrifying
Date Posted: 8/3/2010

esperoba from alameda remembers this:

As was aptly stated by Leonardo Dicaprio in his newest starring role, I do not remember the beginning of this dream, or, in any case, the middle.

All I remember is the very end, in which i found myself in my parents' bedroom. At the end of their bed, I saw a large, white pillow, on top of which a beetle was sitting. This was no ordinary beetle, however. Its legs were longer than a normal beetle's legs should be, and surrounding its entire body were what in the dream seemed to be its children, although now I've come to realize they looked a lot more like huge, bulging ticks. At this point, I knew the beetle was bad, because it was an insect and it was disgusting, and i knew that it needed to be destroyed. I seized the nearest object, which i can no longer remember, and attempted to end the beetle's life. However, this beetle was not keen on the idea of dying, so it took flight in the form of a mosquito hawk (aka mosquito eater, cranefly). And I don't mean the normal kind of mosquito hawk.

Sometimes you happen upon a cranefly in your house and decide that it needs to be killed. However, when you get closer to it, you realize that this thing is even more disgusting than you imagined: it's big. It's tan. And worst of all, you can make out its face, and you don't like what you see.

This is the kind of mosquito hawk that my beetle transformed into, and the same kind of mosquito hawk that promptly attacked me, causing me to awaken.

Now, I understand that this dream doesn't seem that bad, but all of us have had dreams that stick with us and just... bother us. This dream bothers me. So tell me what you think and if you have any ideas as to its meaning, feel free to tell me.

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