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  Dream Number: #435
Dream Type: Scary and a bit dirty
Date Posted: 6/16/2010

M from Crazytown remembers this:

Ok, I'm standing on top of a height, watching a young guy being chased, apparently he stole something form his father.


I find out the guy being chased was killed, some how I don't feel sorry for him, I'm arguing with someone that he probably had it coming, something bout' how greed can do that to you.


I't turns out that I know the dead dude, an old friend of mine, I get really sad. Someone shows me pictures of him, he has really long hair tied up in a knot at the back of the head. Same hairdo I had until i clean shaved my head a couple of moths ago.


I'm in the middle of having sex with someone, she is talking dirty bout my dick, like how much she loves it and it's girth. She's saying she never had anything like it, but then suddenly reconsiders and says the name of an good friend of mine. Apparently, he was pretty much the same size.


Now I'm standing in some kitchen interrogating with my wife in a really sneaky manner, I feel devilish on the verge to psychopathic on the inside, and I' trying to find out why she had sex with my friend. In the dream the friend I'm talking about is dead, he killed himself. It's also the same friend the girl mentioned during the sex act. She produces a big can filled with large colorful pills and asks if i want some. I ask if she sees any correlations with her giving antidepressants to my friend and his suicide. She's not giving me the answers i want, so I loose it and starts screaming at her how the fuck she could fuck and kill my friend and expect me to be cool with it. I get so agitated that i wake up.

-What strikes me as weird in this dream is that I'm not at all the jealous type in waking life and I almost never scream, also I don't have any issues with my wife and at the moment we're completely happy together.

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