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  Dream Number: #431
Dream Type: Gross, monster
Date Posted: 6/3/2010

Vividdreamer from remembers this:

I was walking through town and i see a guy i knew from school. I realised i was looking up and wondered why he was so tall.as i look down i see his disgusting deformed body.

His head was normal. but his neck was long and only held onto his shoulders by 4 tendons. i could see muscle and worms moving around inside his neck.
His chest was also in pieces, I could see broken long ribs pointing in diff directions, His torso was very large and long and deformed. Fat chunks of muscle were everywhere and i could see his intestines.

His legs were enormous and stiff. One leg was in a brace, and had a tail growing out of one thigh. It was a horses tail but looked more like a devil tail.It wrapped around his leg.
He had 2 feet on each leg, one on top of the other, held together by pins. His legs and skin were lumpy and fleshy.

It was horrifying to look at in my dream, although im not very good at describing it.
I feel like there was a purple, green and fleshy tone to the dream.
I asked him how onearth he ended up like this and he warned me never to sign a document that allows scientists to experiement with his body. He said he regretted it everyday and had to live like a freak for the rest of his life. He had a name for it but ive forgotton.

Im just an average 22 yr old girl, with no interest in experiments or scientists or even the guy in my dream.
What does this mean?

Responses from the Dreamers

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