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  Dream Number: #43
Dream Type: Frustrating
Date Posted: 10/9/2005

Aariq from Walnut Creek, CA remembers this:

Dan, David and I were riding a bicycle built for three. It was really awkward and I couldn't figgure out how to steer it (I was at the front). It kept going backwards and not turning the right direction. Oh, and we were trying to get to an auto parts store for David. We ended up going down a windy road and lost control of our bike and a car hit us head on. We flew up like 15 feet into the air and I said "oh shit, this is going to hurt" and david said "do you want to fall, or should we just fly?" and then he teleported us so we only fell like 1 foot instead of 15. Thanks David. At this point Dan was replaced by Rachel Byron-Law. We saw that the van that hit us had crashed and somehow the driver ended up outside the van on the side of the road. Shit shit shit! He looked like he would die soon, he was bleeding a lot, so David said we should just leave him. I retrieved my necklace, which David pointed out I had lost, from the ground behind the dying guy and in the process noticed that he wasn't that bad. I figgured he'd probably live afterall. So we decided to just take him to the hospital. I went down the road to see if any friendly folk would help us out. Everyone driving by was old, and they all didn't care about the dying guy. I walked further down the road and there were more and more parked cars and eventually I was in a Ren Faire. I walked into the crowd and yelled over all the noise "HEY EVERYONE! THERES..." Before I could finish the crowed repeated me, like it was some game, "HEY EVERYONE!" "NO, WE HIT A GUY AND HE'S DYING" --more repetition interrupting me. Then I started cussing up a storm so they would know I was not one of the actors, but they seemd unconvinced. I singled out a couple who were leaving and asked them again if they would drive this man to the hospital. They just laughed like I was a fool. I said "LOOK AT MY FUCKING PLASTIC SHRECK WATCH? WOULD I BE ALLOWED TO WEAR THIS IF I WERE SOME FUCKING ACTOR?" And then I punched the guy in his fat stomach which jiggled. He just gave me a funny look and laughed some more. AAAHH FUCKERS!

Responses from the Dreamers

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