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  Dream Number: #416
Dream Type: Totally Insane
Date Posted: 3/23/2010

brassman from remembers this:

Apologies in advance if I'm not aware of the etiquitte. I heard about this site from a friend several years ago and thought I'd post this one.

The scene is what I seem to recognize as my aunt's house, there is a living room and a family room right next to eachother with a small dividing wall between them but an extra large door way. There is a baby gate/fence that surrounds a large portion of the rooms but it's more heavy duty of a gate almost like a pool fence.

Mind you at no point in this dream was I afraid. There was a baby inside the fence and also a reptile/human creature. The creature basically had a human jaw but the top half of his head was reptilian. From what I remember about the body, it was mostly reptilian as well. So I'm watching this alien and this baby and he starts having sex with the baby. I watched this for a while and then it dawned on me as I noticed the baby was just all big eyed staring at this reptile in the face as this is happening... "oh geez, this poor baby is not going to remember this but will be forever imprinting this creature's face with sex." The baby, being a baby rolled over and started crawling a little bit, and the creature didn't stop humping, so now it's anally raping this baby and apparently had dislodged the baby's bowels to where it's now pooping all over.

And that's roughly where that part of the dream ends.

Any thoughts?

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