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  Dream Number: #409
Dream Type: surrounded by death Holding on my Ex boyfriends hand
Date Posted: 2/21/2010

Suzieqtk from Dalton Ma remembers this:

Me and a friend (not sure who) were at some building, I saw my ex and his new girlfriend there. It was some industrial type building but almost like a hotel as well. When my ex and I saw each other, I started walking away but he came after me. I kept telling him to go,... next thing I knew we were kissing.... suddently there were screams from a woman, the people around us told my Ex that he had to help her, we opened the door and it was coming across the hall. My ex knocked on the door, and there were 2 huge guys that answered the door and they started fighting him. he had no choice but to back down. as he started coming back to me, we looked down the hall and both saw tons of dead bodies covered with blood. He grabbed my hand and him and I stared running with whoever was with us in the room. we kept seeing dead bodies everywhere but he kept holding my hand and pulling me along while running out the door. We were so scared, and kept running. we ended up in the parking lot which had high link fences all around us and more dead bodies. However, his girlfriend was suddently there calling him, but he stayed with me..............but then I woke up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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