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  Dream Number: #404
Dream Type: Disaster/not logical
Date Posted: 2/13/2010

Wayne from Campbell, Mo remembers this:

I had the strangest dream today, one that I could not have imagined.

which leads me to believe that the dreams I have each night are not my own.

I dreamt I was a bum in San Francisco, and I was pulling aluminum cans from my cart to trade for a cigarette from a man sitting on a bench. I believe he was a bum as well. Next I started pulling bottle caps from my pockets to give to him as well. he didn't seem surprised to me, and somehow in that dream the bottle caps had some sort of value somehow. Next is the weird part, I reach into my pockets to pull out a cigarette to give to the old man, and he says "what are you digging for now..." in a low curious and annoyed voice. I instantly thought (in the dream) that he must be thinking I am going to pull a gun or something similar.

But, I was pulling out a cigarette.

How could I not know what someone is thinking in one of my own dreams that I have dreamt?

I thought he was thinking I was pulling a gun, but in retrospect, after giving the man aluminum cans, and then pulling bottle caps from my pockets, the man was simply curious what else I was going to pull out of my pockets to trade with. He was not in fear. So why did I think that he thought I was going to pull a gun??? How is this possible in a dream that I created?

I believe it is not, which leads me to conclude that my dreams are not my creation.

Next in the dream, just for documentation of this specific dream,

Well, we were on a large hill overlooking the ocean. and I seen a massive sunomi looking wave coming towards us, probably easily 200 to 300 ft tall. it crossed the beach slowly but enigmatically and powerfully, not too fast, but swiftly in a slow way, encompassing in other words. It crossed over the buildings before the hill wiping them out, and somehow, the wave broke on the hill we were on. This is where the dream takes a weird and unrealistic turn. from out of nowhere my cousin kenny wayne entered the dream, and we (me and the other bum on the bench) ran for our house nearby???? bums with houses??? In my thoughts in the dream, I was going to pack my most valuables and essentials. I looked over from below the side of the hill and seen yet another great wave break on the hill, and splashes of water cresting above it.

from there, somehow, my dream changes completely, and me and kenny wayne are in a boat or yacht that was apparently mine, in a dock somewhere filled with other yachts, and I was asking him if he knew more about boats than me (seriously in tone) to somehow establish positions of the people on the boat (who's captain, ect, ect. ) and then I wake up.

Responses from the Dreamers

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