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  Dream Number: #40
Dream Type: unknown
Date Posted: 10/7/2005

phobiadictionary from greater cincinnati area remembers this:

it was raining outside. i went indoors. into a house that i have never been in. into the second floor of this house. there was an exterior door that went to this floor..but i recall looking down a square - shaped hole in the floor with the wooden 2x4 beams exposed and noticing that there was another floor below me with a green front door.

anyway..it was raining. ..and when i went inside, the rain continued. i put my palms out to catch it & stared throwing handfulls of it out the door, saying to whomever was with me, "ermm..it seems to be raining inside," in a very embarassed way. i can't recall anything else.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: Ryan Chimney

Typically the rain means and cleaning or rephreshing of yoruself in some way. Im thinking something in your life has resolved itself but the exposed floor below you is the something new for you to take on in life. If you dont know about it yet, you soon will...

(Added: 10/8/2005)

From: Shelly

On a non-dream note, your cool dream name makes me wish my dream name was cooler.

On a dream-note. Dream symbols in the form of "rain," the internet tells me, mean a release of emotions. If you had a "downpour" of emotions (rain) in an inappropriate place (inside a house), it makes sense for you to be embarrassed about it. Thus making "errmm.. it seems to be raining inside," my new favorite quote.

(Added: 10/8/2005)


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