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  Dream Number: #398
Dream Type: Scary
Date Posted: 12/28/2009

angel from remembers this:

I just woke up from one of the scariest dreams I've ever had. I don't often have scary dreams. This one particularly worried me because i have a very big fear of death. To describe this huge fear I'll say that when I think of my eventual death I sometimes completely freak out and hyperventilate a little. Nothing else can make me do that. Anyways, the dream was a double dream. I have bad memory when it comes to dreams I can't ever remember details and sometimes I'm not sure if I'm just filling in things that didn't actually happen in the dream. My dream starts off normal (and by normal I mean weird and pointless with many random events and no plot). I don't remember much of this part but I don't think it matters. Anyways for some reason I was at this store wearing my sisters dress (I am a 17 year old male by the way) which I willingly put on. I'm pretty sure it was a joke so the guys at this store would laugh. Anyways I was actually shopping for a dress or some kind of disguise, I'm not sure why. When I walk in the guys in the store are mad because they thought I was wearing one of their dresses and the rules of the store are that they must dress me if I wish to try on something. This for some reason seemed very obvious to them. I had been to this store the previous day and I didn't think they got many customers. Today when I went to the section I needed to go to there were many of those little name tags and magnets and messages that have people's names on them. And they all basically had my name on them. I thought they did that to tempt me to buy one and I thought it was a clever trick because I did want to buy one.

This next part is a little fuzzy, which is weird because it may be the most important part of the dream. I think I'm held in mid-air by a beam of light; like those abducting lights from aliens. And my little brother who is 6 years old shows up and I believe he is supposed to be an angel. In real life I love my little brother and I spend a lot of time with him. Anyways my little brother tells me that I'm going to die today. And I ask him how does he know that. And he tells me that god told him. In real life I claim not to believe in god however in reality I'm undecided in my religious affiliation and would like to remain that way. I don't like worrying about religion because I believe it to be impossible to figure out what is the right religion per say. So I might as well not try at all. My mom is very fond of Christianity I think because it changed her several years back i want to say around 8 years back. I don't remember well but she used to be intolerable and sort of a bad mother and after she started being more "in touch with Jesus" she's been better. Anyways so she tells my little brother about Jesus and God and my little brother sometimes talks about it. I disapprove of my mom mentioning those things to Kevin but I don't mention it to avoid conflict. Moving on...

So then I wake up from my double dream and I realize it was just a dream but as I would be in real life I am freaking out like no other. My heart is pounding so hard that I feel like that will be the cause of my death and In my dream it is August 1 I don't know the significance of that, but it seems strange now that I think of it because today is December 28th. Anyways I immediately stumble for my phone which is on my bed in the dark and start to dial my girlfriends number as soon as I get it unlocked. Hold on before that I was pondering for a little bit what I should do. The reason I wanted to call my girlfriend is to tell her that I love her (in real life we've been going out for 3 years) but I wasn't sure if I wanted to say that to her. After thinking about for only a few seconds I decided to do it which seems to indicate that it wasn't a hard decision. When she answers the phone I hastily tell her about the dream and I tell her "If I die today I want you to know that I love you." When she first answers the phone I can barely speak because I'm crying and my voice sounds extremely low and scary so the first thing I said to her was don't hang up and I was trying to clear my throat. When I said I love you it was also barely audible and I was afraid she didn't hear me but then she told me that she loved me too. So then I explained to her that I was sure of it and that in the past I wasn't because I was confused and that may continue to happen but that I truly do love her. Actually I didn't get to mention the part about how I may continue to be confused at times because I forgot, but I meant to say it.

Other details that I remember:

When I woke up from my double dream I had my old phone from 5 years ago in my bed and I'm not sure why. Anyways at one point I picked up the wrong phone. Also when I was putting in the password for my current phone to unlock it the screen didn't light up which would never happen in real life. So I had to type my password in the dark. My password is related to my girlfriend as are all my passwords.

Another thing about that same instant of panic and rush is that after I hung up on her which is blurry (I'm not sure where the conversation ended since it happened so fast) I noticed that my laptop was turning on indicating that I had turned on before calling my girlfriend but I did not remember doing that at all.

When I was wearing my sisters dress I was sucking on the neck part of it. It went up kind of like a Dracula outfit.

I'm pretty sure the name things I was reading before my little brother appeared was religious in some way.

Me telling my girlfriend that I love her has a lot of significance because of our history. We said I love you to each other early on in our relationship. I was younger and stupider. Anyways on an occasion or two I have told her that I don't really love her as in true love or that I'm not sure. And this usually upsets her greatly because she believes she really does love me. I then continue to tell her that she doesn't love she is only infatuated with me. But I honestly don't know anyways it never ends well. Most recently I've told her that I do really love her and that I;m sorry for having so many moments of doubt but that is just my nature.

WOW this is longer then I expected it to be... anyways I'm worried about the death part but mostly I guess this dream just seems like its an indication that I really do love my girlfriend

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