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  Dream Number: #392
Dream Type: hugging the one i loved very much
Date Posted: 11/27/2009

unspokenwords from remembers this:

i am in my hometown. i am with someone in the market. someone break the glass of the next store. i commented something. then i see a girl and a guy. girl is commenting something abt the broken glass. and theni realize the guy with her is the guy i loved but i can never say anything to him. i called him thrice but he didnt heared i get upset n tolf the person with me he might have not listen. then suddenly he comes back n start talking to me. the girl with him is not liking it. he spreas his hand indicating to hug both of us. but then i just see he is hugging me very gently i want to hold him so tight that i cant describe. but i am reluctant. it was so true i dont feel it like a dream.

Responses from the Dreamers

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