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  Dream Number: #39
Dream Type: from the archives; scary, cinematic
Date Posted: 10/7/2005

Shelly from Nancy, Kentucky remembers this:

It was a very cinematic dream. I was in a dark movie theatre, with River (boyfriend). We were the only ones there. The theatre was very small and the screen, though small, was large in comparison to the theatre. A preview for a movie came on. It was about the air failing. Which is probably the most horrible natural disaster you could have, right? Our atmosphere mutated and became heavy. On the preview, a first-person camera was driving in a car across a bridge when a plane dove straight down into the water below due to the pressure of the atmosphere. A windmill across the way fell into the water, as well. The bridge collapsed and the car filled with water. That was the end of the preview. I clutched River and told him that we had to see that movie, because it looked terrifying.The next thing I remember, I was in sunlight. On a bridge. On Earth, it would seem, but they're having this atmospheric mutation problem. I kept saying to people around me, people I didn't know, that this couldn't happen. That the atmosphere was CO2, O2, N2, etc, and that molecules couldn't just mutate. But it was evident that they were doing just that. No planes could take off. I wanted to find out exactly what was happening. I walked into a classroom [which looked very much like the classrooms at my elementary school] and sat at a desk next to a tall fellow who must've been thirty-something. I heard him say that CO2 was mutating into something they were calling Eroxythl [ero = love. ?], but I didn't hear any chemical formula for it. He blamed it on humans, saying that we were breathing out faulty CO2 which infected other molecules of CO2. People were trying to get somewhere else - anywhere else, by sea, because planes couldn't take off. The boats - big, old wooden ships - were filling up rapidly. I snuck on-board one with someone who seemed to be a little brother, or something. I couldn't find a place to hide. I spotted some long thin boxes, and he fit in one, but I didn't fit and I had to attempt to hide somewhere else. I found a circular clothing rack and hid in it, like I used to do in WalMart when I was a kid. All around the ship there were sick people. If you touched them, you'd get sick, too. Sick with something like leprosy, but much worse. Like the disease in 28 Days Later, but not so much violence. Just a lot of living death.

Responses from the Dreamers

From: TheFrequentFlyer

about the comment on my dream from you. you could possibly be right, but then again you never know. i think it reflects on where i'm happy most of the time and then when i least expect it something bad happens to me... such as relationship wise. the good thing is, i havent had that dream in about 5 months. i thank you for your comment.

(Added: 10/11/2005)


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