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  Dream Number: #377
Dream Type: Sexual
Date Posted: 9/14/2009

lester brosis from Hemet remembers this:

Well, I am in some kind of bathroom or arts and crafts room at a high school. I'm not sure between the two locations. Anyway, I am in the room with my friend. He kind of looks like Zack from Saved by the Bell. In actuality, he is this guy who lives on the same floor as me (but he happens to look like Zack from Saved by the Bell). For some reason, I am getting the impression that we are in a movie. All of a sudden a woman walks into the room. She is a teacher at the school, but she is also an actress. It's Carla Gugino. There is a title screen that appears that says, "Carla Gigino as Ms. (so and so)" She is in that movie Sin City. She plays Mickey Rourke's shrink or probation officer, I don't really remember. I do know, she gets kind of naked in that movie and maybe that's what influenced the rest of the dream.

So she walks up to Zack and says something along the lines of, "let's have sex" and Zack doesn't for some reason. She then turns to me and says, "Well, I guess I'll just have to have sex with your friend here."

Being a horny teenage boy in high school I can't refuse. Since I moved to college, there has been a lack of sexual activity so it makes sense that I would dream about it. Anyway, her and I start having sex in very weird positions in this bathroom or arts and crafts room.

I remember realizing it was a dream right as I was about to come. I then woke up with an erection feeling very unsatisfied. That is the way sexual dreams seem to end for me.

I like this website.

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