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  Dream Number: #372
Dream Type: strange
Date Posted: 8/18/2009

thejessiek from remembers this:

so i'm just curious about what this means but i had a dream the other night, i don't remember all the details but what i do remember was i lived in a mid evil type village but i knew everyone else that lived there (like from real life) and there was an evil guy that was trying to destroy the village, and then take over the whole world. This is the weirdest thing though, sometimes it looked like obama and sometimes it looked like a 40 something year old white man in a blue suit that was called ka-nick. (i have no idea why!) Anyways so i was the only person that could stop him from doing all the horrible things and so we had this battle royal, i think it was to the death. but it was in this cage that looked kind of like those balls you get when your a kid that you can go inside that stretch from small to huge, except it was black not rainbow. But during the fighting it was really strange and it was like part magic and part just weird things i can't quite remember. Then i woke up, i don't know who won or anything.
So yeah, that was my dream.. what does it mean?

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