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  Dream Number: #368
Dream Type: strange, good, came true!
Date Posted: 7/31/2009

carlyy from wales remembers this:

i was walking across a field with my auntie, then ended up being at one of my friends house. Although his house wasn't the same one has he has in real life, in the dream it was a bungalow.
The rooms were all on one quite small corridor, and they faced each other, (like in school).
I was in one room, some of my friends were in the room opposite, and the guy who's house i was at, was in the room opposite and to the right.
He had his bedroom door open, and his bed was on the floor. His room was dark.
I was talking to him from the room i was in, then he said
"Come in here, i can't hear you."
so i went into his room and sat on the other side of his bed.
I went over to him and kissed him. He stopped and said
"No. this can't happen yet." then we both went to sleep next to each other. The strange this is, is that a few weeks later this dream came true.
I was at a party in a field, and ended up staying at this guys house, kissing him, and sleeping next to him.
Although he didn't say "this can't happen yet."

I think i may have an idea about what the dream meant, but i'm not too sure.
Any ideas?

Responses from the Dreamers

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