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  Dream Number: #366
Dream Type: Invasive
Date Posted: 7/20/2009

bradlby from Burtonsville, MD remembers this:

I was for some reason awake and noting that the time was 4:45 AM. I was in a house that looks like my parents', but the floor plan on the second floor is slightly reversed. My mother was sleeping and my father was talking to someone on the phone. A man I don't know climbed the stairs. He was extremely tall with long dark curly hair and glasses. He wore very slim clothing that may have looked fashionable on someone with less of a stereotypically nerdy head.

He said he had an appointment to be there. My mother said she wasn't waiting for him in a half awake voice. When my father was done on the phone he said he didn't know this man. I had a feeling that was the case, so as soon as he said that I grabbed the man and dragged him downstairs.

The ground floor of the house looked nothing like my parents house, and the size didn't match the upper floor at all. The kitchen was cavernous with windows that let in light that didn't match the very early morning time upstairs. I berated the man for coming to our house uninvited, and at such a late time. He seemed unconcerned. I brought him out into an entryway area where some of my friends were standing. One of them took a closer look at the man and confirmed he was a known con artist.

I took the man by his ankles and swung him around, bashing his head into things to express my displeasure with the situation. This seemed to not phase the man, but I think he got a sense of my feelings. This continued until I asked him how he got into our house in the first place. He told me he entered through the "west door of the garage." I went to check the garage, which resembled a fire house more than a residential one. There was a door that had been pulled off its hinges. It seemed to be made from some kind of metal that bent when pressure was applied. It looked like the top hinge had been broken previously, and was used as the starting point to bend the door down.

I noticed there was a lot of overgrown grass and weeds in the narrow space next to the garage. I walked outside to check for other signs of damage, and noticed behind the house there was a brick wall with an arched space and small metal gate. Behind the gate our local professional football team was practicing for next season. I watched them briefly, then turned back to the side yard and woke up.

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