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  Dream Number: #352
Dream Type: Realistic
Date Posted: 4/24/2009

mcornish from NY remembers this:

I blinked, then I opened my eyes and everything was blurry like I had my eyes open only a tiny bit or a thin layer of film was covering them like what happens when your contacts are really dry in the morning after leaving them in for a couple of days. I kept looking around and trying to make my eyes see everything like before, I rubbed my eyes but it wasn't helping. I felt like I had taken a sedative; my limbs were heavy, difficult to move, and tingly. I could hear everything just as it had been prior to falling asleep; the movie still playing in the background. I started getting nervous as to why one second I was fine and I just blinked and now everything changed and was all fucked up like I had been on some kind of drug. At this point I was thinking in my head how could this be happening, I didn't take anything. I tried to think of a possible reason in my head, I had no idea I was dreaming. Everything was so realistic. I then tried to sit up, after trying a few times and failing, I tried again with all my strength and what felt like an immense amount of effort I was able to. I then tried to walk, again taking a lot of effort. I felt like I was taking baby steps but not standing at all, it still felt like my thighs were on the bed and I remember thinking how puzzled I was as to why it felt so weird. I wasn't making any progress by walking, I still was in the same place. I was having so much difficulty with the slightest of movements and I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the burry vision, so I started rubbing my eyes again in the dream yet again it wasn't working so I remember thinking I have to pull my eyelids apart from one another to be able to see clearly. I did just that and between those two actions, I woke up and I was sitting up near the foot of my bed, with my legs flat out in front of me, so confused because the whole time I didn't think I was dreaming.

Responses from the Dreamers

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