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  Dream Number: #350
Dream Type: recurring
Date Posted: 4/13/2009

thrasher85 from tecumseh remembers this:

Im 24 now and have been having this dream at least a few times a year as long as i can remember.

I come out of my bedroom at my parents house to get a drink of water. and my parents and grandparents are in the hallway talking. i walk past them and say hello and they dont reply so i keep bugging them but they dont say anything so i give up and go to get my drink. as i get close to the bathroom the wall paper starts to peel off and sort of melt. i run into the bathroom but as my foot hits the bathroom floor it turns into a hill in a forest and fall down it hitting trees and trying to catch myself until i wake up.


Responses from the Dreamers

From: Jenni is going to die

Well, recurring dreams are usually trying to send you a message, something important. Look at all the aspects at of your dreams.

Maybe you fear that you'r going to disappear, & nobody will notice.

Wall paper peeling off may signify death, or rotting.

(Added: 4/18/2009)


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